Community to buy new PlayStation for Drylaw hit-and-run boy

Police on Ferry Road after a 10-year-old boy was seriously injured in a hit and run incident with a motorbike. Picture: SWNS
Police on Ferry Road after a 10-year-old boy was seriously injured in a hit and run incident with a motorbike. Picture: SWNS
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The community is rallying round in a bid to buy a new PlayStation console for the boy who was knocked down by joyriders in a hit-and-run incident.

The ten-year-old’s gaming machine broke on the same day as he was injured by a biker as he crossed a road in Drylaw.

Residents in the area are now hoping to raise money to buy a brand new PlayStation 4 system for the schoolboy once he returns home from the Sick Kids hospital.

In an update posted on Facebook, the boy’s mother revealed he was now “out of intensive care,” adding: “Still a long way to go, but fighting strong.”

A group of children from the area have also signed a card for the schoolboy.

The gesture – organised by the community group Trim (Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse) – came amid growing community anger at the activities of joyriders in North Edinburgh.

Chief Inspector James Jones called on the suspects to give themselves up, saying: “I would ask them to have a real long, hard look at the outcome of their actions, which is a boy recovering from very serious injuries and a devastated family.”

The schoolboy suffered “horrific” injuries when he was knocked down by the motor-cyclist who ran a red light close to Drylaw police station on Ferry Road at 6.35pm on Saturday.

The boy’s identity is widely known in the local community, but the Evening News has chosen not to name him in line with the family’s wishes.

The pair drove off before dumping the Triumph motorbike and fleeing.

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The bike was found abandoned shortly afterwards, but images have been circulated on social media which claim to show the two individuals responsible escaping on a second motorcycle.

Police are looking into a series of private social media accounts that suspected joyriders in North Edinburgh are using to boast about their dangerous antics.

Officers are looking into two private Instagram accounts believed to be used by a number of riders to post images and videos of their high-performance bikes.

Posts on one of the accounts include what appears to be a photograph of the bike involved in the hit-and-run accident taken a few days beforehand.

Another video features another biker wearing a helmet swearing at a parked police car as he speeds past it.

Community leaders have called for the accounts to be deleted, claiming they “glorify” joyriding and taunt the police.

Former police inspector Cameron Rose, who is now a Conservative councillor, said a review into police powers to deal with joyriders was also needed.

He said: “Police have struggled to suppress crime in North Edinburgh which has been rampant for years now and the issue of pursuits has to be re-examined.

“I’m not suggesting police be allowed to re-engage in pursuits immediately, but a review is warranted.

“This is especially true if these people are then glorifying this behaviour on social media, which could tempt others into doing the same.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said officers were “pro-actively pursuing intelligence as part of the ongoing investigation and will take further action, wherever appropriate, on information provided to them by the public”.

He continued: “We want to thank people for their response to our appeals and the local community for their support.”