Cruel thugs rob couple during golden wedding party

Alec and Isobel Stevenson's house was raided while they were at a party
Alec and Isobel Stevenson's house was raided while they were at a party
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A COUPLE returned from their golden wedding party to find their home had been raided by thieves who made off with precious jewellery and more than £1000.

Alec and Isobel Stevenson had been marking the milestone with friends and family – only to find their Pilton Avenue house had been “ransacked” while they were out.

And they fear the thieves had been watching their house until they left for the party.

Mrs Stevenson, 67, said the ordeal had left her “heartbroken” and had ruined their special anniversary.

The couple celebrated 50 years of marriage with a party at the Navy Club on Broughton Road on Friday.

But their elation turned to horror when they opened their front door in the early hours of the following morning.

“How could you do that to somebody, especially an older couple that’s worked hard for everything all their lives? They’ve invaded my territory,” said Mrs Stevenson.

“I can’t stop crying. It’s just terrible. Every time I close my eyes, I just relive coming in the door and seeing everything. My stomach was churning.”

The thieves stole £1300 of cash which she had put aside to give to her grandchildren and great-grandchildren at Christmas.

They forced their way into a safe in the living room and raided every room in the house – taking two emerald rings and a ruby ring, all of which had been presents to Mrs Stevenson from her husband over the years.

Bottles of alcohol and anniversary gifts were also snatched by the thieves, who filled a pillowcase with the items.

Friends had been due to stay with Mr and Mrs Stevenson after the party, but had to make alternative arrangements.

It is thought the culprits broke in through the kitchen window. The couple fear their Pit Bull-Staffordshire terrier cross dog Alfie, may have been drugged to stop him barking.

“He was really distressed. I think they put something through the door. He would have been growling at somebody when they came into the house,” said Mrs Stevenson.

“We had been so excited about our big night. I’m heartbroken. My husband says try and forget, but how can you? I have lived in this house for 33 years. It just makes me want to move, but why should I? This is my house.”

Police forensics scoured the house for DNA and other clues. The thieves also left some cannabis behind, thought to have fallen out of their pockets.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Police are investigating following a break-in in the Pilton area of the city.

“The incident happened between 6.45pm on Friday October 23 and 1am on Saturday October 24 at an address in Pilton Avenue.

“Various items including cash, jewellery and electrical goods, were stolen and officers are currently conducting inquiries to trace those responsible.”

Contact Police 101.