Deliveroo courier has £4,000 bike stolen in under 60 seconds while collecting delivery in Dalry

A devastated Deliveroo courier has had his livelihood snatched from him in under 60 seconds by a bungling bike thief in Dalry.

Saturday, 2nd November 2019, 7:45 am

Ronan Strachan, 22, from Gorgie was picking up a delivery on Tuesday, October 29 at around 6.30pm from Pizza Geeks, when a young man stole his £4,000 bike from outside the store.

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Mr Strachan, said: “My bike is so important to me and my way of life. Without it I cannot pay the bills as it is my only source of income. It is also my main mode of transport. I am very passionate about my bike and spend a lot of time and money taking care of it. I am so hurt that someone would steal it from me. I want nothing more than to have it back.”

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The stolen bike.

The suspect was described by Mr Strachan as looking between the ages of 18-21, with a medium build and height, and wearing a grey cotton


It is believed that the bike cost more than £4,000, and has been described as: an electric black and orange Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 with Fox 34 forks, a Fox flat rear shock absorber, a Rockshox reverb dropper post, a Hope R8+ light, Mudhugger front and rear mud guards and Scwalbe super moto x tyres.

But the thief will be unable to use the bike without the charger and is in for a surprise when the battery goes dead on the electric motor.


Mr Strachan is asking for residents of Edinburgh to look out for someone selling an electric cycle bike without a charger.

A reward has been offered for any information that leads to the bike’s recovery.

The bike is integral to Mr Strachan’s ability to work and was purchased over 18 months ago on finance – meaning he will have to secure a new bike to continue working as well as pay off the remaining £2,500 for the stolen bike.

Mr Strachan as well as eyewitnesses saw the thief grab the bike and make his way down Dalry Road before disappearing down the tram tracks at the back of Haymarket Station. Mr Strachan said that he “gave chase before the man disappeared down the back of offices at Haymarket”.

Mr Strachan said: “I went into the shop for what must have been 30 seconds or so. I put my bag on the counter and was ready to take the order. In hindsight I should have chained it up but you just do not think when you can see it.

“I saw the man make off with my bike and I tried to give chase but I lost him behind the offices at Haymarket. This means I am technically out of work until I can find another way of couriering.”

Police Scotland said: “Officers received a call around 6.50pm on Tuesday, October 29, following the report of a stolen bike on Dalry Road, Edinburgh. Inquiries are ongoing.”