‘Devil’ made knife woman stab disabled grandad

Crawford appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh
Crawford appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh
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A GRANDFATHER left in a wheelchair following a double leg amputation has described how a woman tried to stab him to death, telling him: “The Devil made me do it.”

Richard O’Rourke said he feared he would be killed when Yvonne Crawford attacked him with an eight-inch knife in his house.

The 59-year-old tried desperately to defend himself as she knifed him in the head and chest, leaving him lying on the floor with blood pouring from his wounds.

Crawford, 44, then walked to nearby Wester Hailes police station and told officers that the Devil commanded her to carry out the frenzied assault.

Mr O’Rourke, who spent two weeks in intensive care, said the injuries had left him less mobile and in constant pain.

But he said that Crawford needed “medical help” rather than jail after she pleaded guilty to attempted murder at the High Court in Edinburgh yesterday.

Mr O’Rourke, who has three daughters and four grandchildren, said: “I first met Yvonne in the pub. We weren’t in a relationship or anything, but she’d come round for a drink and a chat. I’d known her for about a year. I think she’d had a hellish life with various things.

“We were in the living room when she suddenly got up and went to the kitchen. She took my biggest kitchen knife and started stabbing me in the head as I sat in my chair. She slashed my cheek and stabbed me in the chest.

“I tried to parry the blows with my hands and she stabbed me in the arms. She was going crazy. She said voices were telling her to do it.

“I don’t remember if she said it was the Devil but she definitely had the Devil in her.”

Police raced to his Walkers Rigg home where he was found with blood covering his head and upper body.

Mr O’Rourke, who needed a double amputation after suffering a fall 13 years ago, was treated at the Royal Infirmary.

The former machinist said: “Yvonne had said to me a few times before the accident that she heard voices telling her things.

“I don’t think going to jail will do her good. She needs medical help, but I don’t want to ever see her again. She nearly killed me.”

Crawford, formerly of Walkers Wynd, admitted assaulting Mr O’Rourke on December 3 last year. Following the attack, Crawford told a detective: “Jesus was telling me to stab the cat. I’ve got voices in my head, I’m the chosen one.”

Judge Lord Burns deferred sentence on Crawford, who was assessed as sane to plead, and ordered psychiatric reports.