Disabled man hit with brick after being taunted by yobs

A DISABLED man has spoken of his fear after he was hospitalised by a group of yobs who regularly taunt him on the street.

Monday, 12th December 2016, 6:46 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 12:57 pm
Adam Hunter with girlfriend Michelle Penman. Picture: Neil Hanna

Adam Hunter, who has learning difficulties and is partially sighted, has repeatedly had his front windows smashed by a group of unruly teenagers in Wester Hailes.

And at the end of last month the 53-year-old was rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after a brick was thrown at his head when he opened his living room window.

Police are now trying to hunt down those involved – with officers branding the incidents “completely unacceptable”.

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Mr Hunter, who lives with his disabled partner Michelle Penman, 34, moved to Hailesland Gardens in the spring and said he immediately started to be bullied by a gang of youths.

Things got worse from July onwards, with the yobs repeatedly throwing stones at his house and intimidating the couple as they walked down the street.

The gang falsely labelled him a “paedophile” and things soon escalated to the point where Mr Hunter was forced to call the police “almost every second night”.

Mr Hunter said: “It can be quiet one night, or it can be quiet for a whole week and nothing happens. It varies.

“You never know when it’s going to happen. I’m living in fear. I think it’s just that I’m an easy target. I’ve got a disability and my partner’s got a disability.

“I don’t know why they call me [a paedophile]. I just think it’s because my partner is a bit younger than me. It’s totally random.

“I started getting called names and then getting my windows smashed and the door kicked in. They started picking on us on the street. It’s just escalated. My door got glued with superglue, so I could get out but I couldn’t lock it. My windows have been smashed God knows how many times. More than a dozen. I’ve lost count. My partner’s been hit with a stone.

“They think it’s a big game. They get the young ones involved as well. I’ve got a dog. I’ve had to remove it because of all this carry on. I’ve had to give it to family to look after because the dog is just getting terrified.”

Mr Hunter said the police had attended his home several times, but often arrived after the yobs had run away.

A police spokesman said: “Police in Edinburgh are aware of various reports concerning anti social behaviour and youth disorder at an address in Hailesland Gardens. Our enquiries into these matters are ongoing and anyone who can help identify those involved is asked to come forward.

“Antisocial behaviour and associated crimes are completely unacceptable and officers are committed to tackling such offences whenever and wherever they arise.”