Dog '˜howling in fear' tied to moving vehicle in Edinburgh

POLICE in Edinburgh will take no action after a picture of a dog tied to a moving truck emerged on social media.

Tuesday, 10th October 2017, 6:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 8:19 am

The photos shows a dog chained to the back of a pick up truck.

Contacting the Evening News, one concerned member of the public said: “The poor German Shepherd is tied to a chain in the back but flailing around all over the open pick up truck, it’s howling in fear. People have told him it’s wrong. We’ve all filled out complaint form son the Police Scotland website.”

But a police spokeswoman said: “Police have investigated following reports that a pick-up style vehicle was being driven in the Edinburgh and West Lothian areas while a dog was situated within the flatbed area.

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“Local officers visited the dog’s owner along with an SSPCA Inspector and found the dog to be safe and well.

“Guidance was given and the SSPCA offered welfare advice to the owner who advised he would find alternative arrangements for transporting his dog.”