Driver tailgated cars at 120mph on M9

Dangerous driver Michael Fisher. Picture: Vic Rodrick
Dangerous driver Michael Fisher. Picture: Vic Rodrick
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A DRIVER who claims he is unable to use his arms to work was banned from driving after tailgating cars at up to 120mph on a motorway.

Michael Fisher was banned from driving and ordered to re-sit a competency test to drive after the two-and-a-half-year ban.

Self-employed Fisher, 60, of Houston Mains Holdings, Broxburn, West Lothian, had previously claimed he was unable to work after injuring his arms.

Fisher earlier pleaded guilty to driving dangerously at high speed on the M9 Stirling to Edinburgh motorway on March 10.

Prosecutor Katrine Craig said police on patrol saw Fisher repeatedly tailgating slower-moving vehicles in the outside lane.

She said they watched Fisher brake sharply as he drove up behind cars travelling at the legal limit of 70mph.

She went on: “The accused’s vehicle was seen to accelerate to within unsafe distances to the rear of the preceding 
vehicle. The officers followed the accused’s vehicle and he was seen to reach a speed of 120mph. This was what was recorded on the patrol car speedometer.

“The accused’s car was seen to overtake a total of eight cars travelling in lane one, maintaining the speed of 120mph.”

Ms Craig said police switched on their blue lights and siren but followed Fisher a further half-a-mile at speed before he dropped his speed to 70mph.

She added: “He didn’t pull into the hard shoulder but as he moved into lane, one officer moved into lane two and signalled for the accused to pull in, which he did.”

Daryl Lovie, defending, said Fisher was currently unable to work and was about to claim benefits, although he had access to a small income from his wife’s guest house.

Mr Lovie stressed his client felt he had been within a safe distance of the vehicles in front but accepted the police evidence.

Sheriff David Clapham said: “I’d be reluctant to accept the judgment of a motorist who thinks it’s acceptable in a 70mph limit to do 120mph.”

He added: “I think the public interest is going to be served by making sure the accused is going to be kept off the road.”

Imposing the fine and lengthy ban, he told Fisher: “My primary concern is the safety of other road users.”

Fisher was also fined £240 when he was sentenced at Livingston Sheriff Court yesterday.

He appeared at court wearing a sling and using a cane. The model of car he was driving was unknown.