Drug-fuelled killer, 47, who murdered father in broad daylight in Dalkeith has been jailed

A drug-fuelled killer who mercilessly murdered a father in broad daylight has been jailed for life.

Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 5:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 5:39 pm
Serial offender Paul Alexander viciously stabbed John Lynch ten times after chasing him down in a Dalkeith street in March last year. Pic: Police Scotland.

Serial offender Paul Alexander viciously stabbed John Lynch ten times after chasing him down in a Dalkeith street in March last year.

After leaving the scene he returned to knife the defenceless, wounded victim again when he was “at death’s door” after asking bystanders whether he was dead or not.

Alexander, 47, inflicted horrific wounds on Mr Lynch, 41, damaging his windpipe and lung. He has been ordered to serve a minimum 22 years before applying for parole.

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The killer, who was previously jailed for 10 years for two attempted murders and has a criminal record dating from 1990, had called the knife his “weapon of choice” before slaying Mr Lynch.

Trial judge Lord Duncansby told him that it was a brutal, callous crime and added: “I am in no doubt you constitute a substantial danger to the public.”

Alexander was led off to the cells to cries of “rot in hell, scumbag” and “beast”.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that he had consumed up to 100 Valium tablets, heroin and other drugs before attacking Mr Lynch in the town’s Woodburn Road.

The assault was captured on camera and jurors were shown footage during Alexander’s trial.

After the jury rejected a plea to convict him of the lesser offence of culpable homicide and found him guilty of murder there were cries of “yes” from the public benches.

Advocate depute Mark McGuire told the court that Alexander had consumed a quantity of drugs that would have affected an elephant.

The prosecutor said: “What did he do on catching his unarmed quarry? He stabbed him again and again and again.”

Alexander opened the door of a house he shared with Mr Lynch’s former girlfriend and stabbed the victim in the arm as he stood outside.

He then chased him down the garden path and into the street armed to finish him off. At one point he asked: “Is that c*** no dead yet?”

Christine McCallion, 30, told the court that Alexander became her partner after she split up with Mr Lynch, who was the father of one of her daughters.

She said that in January last year she was so concerned about events that she decided to conceal the knives in the house from Alexander.

Following yesterday's hearing, Detective Superintendent Alwyn Bell from Dalkeith’s Criminal Investigations Department said: “Mr Lynch died as a result of a horrific and unrelenting attack by Paul Alexander.

“Paul Alexander was quickly arrested by officers who attended the scene and has now been found guilty of his actions.

“Our thoughts and sympathies remain with Mr Lynch's family and friends and I hope that the verdict today will offer them some comfort in the knowledge that Paul Alexander has been brought to account for his actions.”