Drylaw car crash teen in web taunt

The alleged thief's Facebook posts include boasts and pictures of hot wired cars
The alleged thief's Facebook posts include boasts and pictures of hot wired cars

A TEENAGER suspected of joyriding in a stolen vehicle through residential streets before ploughing into a parked caravan has boasted about the incident on Facebook.

The boy posted a string of taunting messages on social media just hours after a Mercedes GLC smashed into the mobile home on Groathill Road North, Drylaw, around 8am yesterday.

He wrote: “The Mercedes are scary fast” before mocking various other concerned comments about the crash.

Several other pictures on his page show him taunting police and attempting to hotwire cars.

Parents walking their children to nearby Ferryhill Primary School were horrified as the vehicle – said to have been travelling at around 60mph – mounted the pavement and mowed down a fence and hedge, before smashing into the caravan parked in front of a house.

Police, who deployed a helicopter to search for the joyriders after they fled from the scene, have detained a teenager in connection with the incident, but are still on the hunt for two other suspects.

Dionne Ferguson, 20, who lives in the house where the caravan was parked, said it was lucky no-one was killed.

She said: “If the caravan wasn’t there, the car would have gone into the house below me and they’ve got two young kids.

“The car was a brand new Mercedes, I’ve been told the keys were in a house down the road so the driver has stolen it and crashed it.”

A man who saw the car speeding along Wester Drylaw Drive told the News he had been speaking to a police officer when the vehicle “flew by” them.

The witness said: “The police were already in the area because a few residents had reported the car earlier in the morning as it was driving around at a high speed.

“We were in the street talking about it, when the car flew by us at about 60mph.

“The police officer told everyone to get in their gardens before he jumped in the police car with his colleague and they took off.

“Seconds later I heard a massive screech and a huge explosive noise.

“I ran up the street to see what had happened and the car had obviously lost control at the bend and crashed into the caravan.

“Its wheels were still spinning so I helped by switching the engine off and that’s when the emergency services arrived.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police in Edinburgh responded to a report of a car driving erratically on Groathill Road North.

“The vehicle was subsequently involved in a collision with a stationary caravan on Groathill Road North.”