East Lothian Crime: Illegal off-road biker wrecked Macmerry farmer's field

An off-road biker has been banned from driving and slapped with a community service order after damaging a farmer’s field.

By Alexander Lawrie
Monday, 27th June 2022, 8:38 am

Kirk Scott, of Tranent, and co-accused Liam Cairney, of Musselburgh, were part of a group of men who drove motorcycles over the turf at Adniston farm near Macmerry.

The pair were said to have damaged the area by “churning up the grass” by driving their off-road bikes over the surface in April last year.

Both men were found to have no valid insurance of licence for the vehicles and the pair were soon identified and arrested following the incident.

Police Scotland officers have seized a number of off-road bikes after damage was reported across the Lothians

First offender Cairney, 25, was sentenced at Edinburgh Sheriff Court last month where he was handed a £640 fine and had six points placed on his driving licence.

The bikers were caught as Police Scotland launched a massive crackdown on illegal use of off-road bikes, seizing several.

Scott had his sentence deferred as the court was told the 28-year-old already has points on his driving licence, was on bail at the time of the offence and is currently serving a community payback order previously imposed on a separate matter.

Sheriff Wendy Sheehan was told he had “limited means to pay a fine” and sentenced him to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work.

Scott was also handed six points and was subsequently banned from driving for six months under the totting up process.

Previously the court heard from Scott’s lawyer Eddie Wilson who said his client had pushed his trial bike to the field that day rather than riding it and that he normally took it to an area where there are bings to ride on.

The solicitor added there had been “no farm animals remotely close to the field” but accepts Scott “caused damage to the grass due to the bike”.

Mr Wilson added: “It appears the lesson has been learned and he no longer frequents that area.”

Scott and Cairney both admitted to driving a motorcycle with no valid insurance or licence at Adniston Farm near Macmerry on April 3 last year.

The pair also pleaded guilty to a third charge of maliciously riding a motorcycle causing damage to a field at the same location while acting with others on the same date.