Electrician bombarded married mother with unwanted sexts

Grant Love sent a string of text messages to a married mother who told him she was not interested.' Picture: Vic Rodrick
Grant Love sent a string of text messages to a married mother who told him she was not interested.' Picture: Vic Rodrick

AN amateur electrician has been placed on the sex offenders’ register for repeatedly sending unwanted sexual text messages to a married mother.

Grant Love, 37, thought there might be a spark between him and a woman he met at a football coaching session.

He contacted the woman late at night offering to visit her to repair her broken outside lights, a court heard.

He told the mother he wanted her but she told him she was not interested because he had a wife and she already had a partner.

Love reacted by pestering her with a stream of suggestive text messages over the following 48 hours.

At one stage he told her: “It’s your choice?? I really want you xx.”

She replied that she was not interested.

Despite that, the texts continued until she called the police and had him arrested, Livingston Sheriff Court was told.

Love, of Glenwood Drive, Armadale, West Lothian, appeared for sentence at Livingston Sheriff Court yesterday after earlier pleading guilty to repeatedly sending messages of a sexual and inappropriate nature.

Sheriff Peter Hammond sentenced him to six months’ supervision under a community payback order and told him his name would remain on the sex offenders’ register for the same length of time.

The court was told that Love’s first text message to the woman on April 22, 2017, read: “Soz, I shouldn’t be like that...You’re gorgeous, it’s not right but I can’t help, just being honest XX.”

Then at three minutes past midnight the following morning he sent her another message saying accusing her partner of not treating her well but saying he appreciated her loyalty.

At 9am the same day he sent a further text message saying: “I could be up in 5 min...Will I send you a pic?”

A later text was much more explicit, the court was told.

Urging the woman to “take a chance and have some fun”, he went into detail about the sexual activities he wanted to engage in with her.

She said she was not interested, adding: “I’m with X (her partner).”

Shortly afterwards Love sent a text apologising and claiming he was very drunk.

He said: “Soz I upset you. Honest I’m just not having a happy life at the moment...Sorry again x.”

He followed this up with a string of messages describing her as “hot stuff” and joking that she was “scared” to enjoy herself.

The woman did not find his attempt at humour funny and told police she had been “shocked and upset” at his inappropriate behaviour. By this time she was also scared that he would come to her home.

The last text Love sent her arrived just before 11pm on April 24. Love apologised for the previous evening’s messages and admitted: “I was out of order.” She got a missed call from him just after midnight and decided to report him to the police.