Family of Benidorm death fall victim Kirsty Maxwell to fight for answers in 2019

Kirsty Maxwell with her husband, Adam Maxwell. Pic: PA
Kirsty Maxwell with her husband, Adam Maxwell. Pic: PA
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The family of tragic Benidorm death fall victim Kirsty Maxwell say they will continue to search for the truth behind her loss in the new year.

Kirsty, from Livingston, died after plunging from the tenth floor of the resort’s Apartmentos Payma hotel on April 29, 2017.

The 27-year-old - who was on a hen party with friends - had entered a room being used by five men from England shortly before she fell.

It is understood she had earlier returned to her own room and fallen asleep and may have been disorientated when she awoke.

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The five men in the room she fell from have been questioned by a Spanish magistrate over her death.

In a social media message ahead of Hogmanay, Kirsty’s father, Bryan Curry, said the family are pushing for the case to go to trial.

He added that relatives were taking the time over the festive period to remember Kirsty as the “affectionate, fun-loving, caring girl” they all knew while a former senior detective, David Swindle, leads a private investigation into her death.

Mr Curry wrote: “20 months on we are making some headway in the search for truth and answers as to what happened to Kirsty.

“As things progress, we will provide social media updates in the new year when we have taken stock of recent court hearings, assessed all information and the opportunities going forward.

“We continue to push out appeals for people we know have vital information to contact us.

“As information is collated and assessed we will endeavour with the assistance of David Swindle’s team and our Spanish lawyer to push for Kirsty’s case to go to trial.

“It’s the only way as a family we can finally get all the answers and truth into what caused Kirsty’s unresolved death.

“The support of family, friend, public and politicians has been made admirable and appreciative - thanks.

“We strive to persist and sustain our pressure on authorities both in Spain and the UK to make this a reality, which we feel should have happened in the first instance.

“Over the festive period we will be remembering Kirsty as the affectionate, fun loving, caring girl we all knew, much loved and now painfully missed.

“Wishing you and all your family and friends a peaceful Christmas and a heartfelt New Year.”

A spokesman for Kirsty’s family said it would be “inappropriate” for them and their lawyer to comment on what was being published about the case.

He said: “They will continue to maintain their dignity and respect the court processes by avoiding speaking publicly about matters which could be perceived as sensitive.”

Kirsty, a newly-wed herself, died just seven months after tying the knot with her husband Adam, 28.

Mr Swindle, whose investigation featured on a BBC documentary, helped stage a reconstruction of fatal fall and said: “Kirsty could not have jumped directly over that balcony.”