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n February 25: The body of Lee Duncan, 31, is found at his flat in Lauriston Place at around 10.45am by his girlfriend. Detectives probe a possible link to the 31-year-old’s court appearance over assault charges.

n March 1: Police appeal for help to trace a man wearing blue overalls spotted in the area in the hours before Mr Duncan’s body was found. He is later traced and ruled out as a suspect.

n March 15: After 17 days detectives say they have received a “good response” from the public following a number of appeals.

n April 14: Mr Duncan’s sister, Melanie Purdie, breaks her silence and urges the killer to come forward. Mr Duncan’s death is the only murder from the last 12 months where an arrest has not been made.

n June 21: Police urge GPs and drug counsellors to anonymously report information gleaned from patients about the killing. They also say the murder probe will remain open until arrests are made.

n July 15: Fresh searches around the scene of Lee Duncan’s flat are launched in a bid to recover the murder weapon.

n August 23: A “homemade weapon” discovered by a council worker in a drain in Lothian Road is ruled out as being linked to the case.

n September 15: Police announce a “significant breakthrough” in the murder case as an anonymous donor stumps up a £1000 reward for information leading to a conviction.