“I didn’t kill wife, she battered me”, accused tells court

Leighanne Cameron'. Picture: contributed
Leighanne Cameron'. Picture: contributed

A MAN wept as he insisted he didn’t kill his wife – telling a court that she “battered” him on the day she died.

Erhan Havaleoglu denies murdering Leighanne Cameron at her home in Calder House Road, Mid Calder, on October 28, 2015.

Prosecutors claim he throttled her, hit her on the head with an object and repeatedly struck her with a knife or similar implement.

But yesterday Havaleoglu told the jury in his murder trial at the High Court in Paisley that Leighanne was the aggressor on the night she died.

He said: “I’d basically had an argument with my wife – basically she battered me.”

The 36-year-old said he had split up with Leighanne, 29, in May 2015 and had moved out of the home they shared.

But on the night she died he was at her house as he had been watching their children while she was at work.

And he said that, once she got back from work, they began arguing.

Havaleoglu, who served in the Turkish army before moving to Scotland in 2003, said he then asked Leighanne to put the heating on as the house was freezing – and she attacked him.

He said: “She became really, really aggressive, shouting at me. She hit me on my testicles with her knee, I was trying to go backwards and I tripped on a door stop. I lost my balance and ended up falling on the floor in the middle of the living room.

“Leighanne came behind me and kicked me on the back.

“I lifted my hand and she kicked my hand and then lost her balance and fell on me. She landed on my knee and then started biting my knee.

“It was really, really sore, I was pulling and pushing her. The door was knocked and she stopped, I pushed her away from me.

“I said, ‘what the f*** are you doing?’ and then Philip Kilkenny came in.”

Havaleoglu has entered special defences of self-defence and incrimination to the murder charge – claiming he acted in self-defence when Leighanne was attacking him and that Kilkenny murdered her.

Kilkenny, 42, gave evidence earlier in the trial, denying he murdered Leighanne and saying he found her lying dead on the floor.

Kilkenny and Leighanne, the court heard earlier, had been in a secret sexual relationship since November 2014.

Havaleoglu, who said he was left with a sore knee and back, scratched neck and cut hand after Leighanne’s alleged attack, continued: “Philip Kilkenny was in the house with my wife. Apart from her mouth bleeding [following the fight] she was fine – she was still shouting at me, calling me every name, saying it’s my fault. She was alive.

“I moved the kids’ car seats from my car into her car and put the buggy in the boot. I then went back to Blackburn to the homeless unit.”

Havaleoglu said he was arrested for an assault on Leighanne and only found out she had died when his lawyer told him he was being charged with murder.

The trial, before temporary judge Johanna Johnston QC, continues.