Jail rapist and throw away key, says brother

Mohammed Ashraf admitted the attack. Picture: comp
Mohammed Ashraf admitted the attack. Picture: comp
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THE brother of a 14-year-old girl who suffered a rape ordeal by a depraved taxi driver today said her attacker should be jailed and “the key thrown away”.

Mohammed Ashraf, 53, was convicted of molesting the schoolgirl after driving her to an empty flat in his cab instead of on a promised shopping trip.

Her brother described his “shock and horror” when he was phoned at work by another family member to tell him what had happened.

He said his sister had been “traumatised” by her ordeal, and was now afraid to leave the house and meet new people even after extensive counselling. But he spoke of his relief that his sister alerted her family to the attack to prevent her being preyed on again by the “dangerous” and “manipulative” Ashraf.

During the attack, Ashraf pulled down the victim’s trousers, lifted up her top and tried to rape her before forcing her to perform a sex act. The cabbie told the teenager “the quicker she enjoyed what he was doing and the quicker she got in a good mood” then the faster he would let her go home.

At the High Court in Edinburgh on Tuesday, married Ashraf, of Netherbank, Alnwickhill, admitted assaulting and orally raping the teenager on November 16, 2012 at the flat in the city.

Her brother said: “Ashraf came over to our house when I was at work. My mother was home and he told her he would take my sister shopping. I’d always found him to be manipulative. He took my sister out but it was just an excuse to take her to this flat and attack her.

“[The victim] texted our sister and she phoned me at work to tell me what happened. I felt shock and horror and rushed home to be there for my sister. She was beyond upset. She was in shock. We were all in shock.

“It was a massive betrayal of trust. No person should have to go through what my sister suffered. Ashraf is a sick person.”

Her brother said the victim had been affected in “many different ways” following the assault. He said: “She doesn’t want to go out or socialise or meet new people. She just wants to stay at home. She used to like different activities but that has all changed.”

The victim, now 15, was given counselling sessions to try and cope with the trauma.

Her brother added: “The counselling hasn’t really helped her because it’s still always in her mind. I think it will stay with her for the rest of her life.

“Her school has been very supportive, but this ordeal has made it hard for her to go.”

Ashraf, who is set to be sentenced in June, had previously denied the charges against him.

The victim’s brother added: “Ashraf denied his guilt until the last minute before the trial started. He dragged this out and put our family through lots of stress. My sister did not have to give evidence but she’s had to tell the story so many times to social workers anyway. I believe he should be jailed and the key thrown away. I hope he gets the longest sentence possible.”