Jailed drugs mum ordered to pay £8700

Mum ordered to pay at High Court. Picture: Comp
Mum ordered to pay at High Court. Picture: Comp
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A mother who lost a son to a drugs overdose was ordered to hand over £8726 crime profits today after being caught carrying 2.2 kilos of mephedrone on the M8 at Bathgate.

Jacqueline Howie (51) was jailed for four years after police caught her with £47,000 of the designer drug - known as M-cat.

Howie was also involved in money-laundering and transferred or tried to move more than pounds 33,000 from drug dealing out of Scotland to individuals in the Far East.

The Crown raised proceedings against her to seize crime profits and she agreed to settle the action at the High Court in Edinburgh today.

Howie, formerly of Bankead Avenue, Buchsburn, in Aberdeen, was stopped in a car on January 7 last year and two packages of the Class B drug were found.

The court heard that she became involved because “having lost one son to drugs” she not prepared to lose another. A second son had run up a drugs debt with a dealer.