Kenny Richey jailed after accused of attacking nurse

EX-DEATH Row Scot Kenny Richey celebrated his 52nd birthday in a jail cell '“ after he was accused of attacking a nurse.

Friday, 12th August 2016, 1:06 pm
Updated Friday, 12th August 2016, 2:13 pm
Kenny Richey.
Kenny Richey.


Richey was alleged to have breached his supervision conditions by assaulting the medic while he was being treated for chest pains at the Adena hospital in Chillicothe, Ohio, last month.

Richey was arrested by officers from the Ross County sheriff’s office and spent eight nights in Orient Prison despite claiming someone at the hospital had “made a false threat” against him.

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The former US Marine - who has revealed he is currently homeless - was then released without any charges being brought against him on August 3 – his birthday - after claiming nurses at the hospital backed up his story.

Richey, 52, said: “I had chest pains, so went to the hospital emergency room and they kept me in overnight. Everything checked out and I was released about 6pm.

“I went back to the halfway house where I was woken up by a member of staff who said I needed to come out front. When I did the police were waiting for me and said I was to be taken in on a parole hold.

“They cuffed me and took me off to jail. After about an hour I started having chest pains again and I had them take me back to hospital.

“I was checked out and had a heart scan done. Again, everything seemed fine and they could not tell what was causing the pain.

“While I was there two parole officers came in to guard me and they told me I was being held for an investigation. They said someone had reported me for making a threat against a nurse - I never made any threat at all.

“They then took me to Orient prison where they kept me for several days. The investigation showed that I had made no threats against anyone and I was released and taken to a veterans’ homeless accommodation.”

An Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction spokesperson said: “Mr Richey was brought to the Correctional Reception Center [Ohio Prison] on July 25th on alleged violations of his supervision.

“Mr Richey was released from custody on August 3, 2016 after the alleged violations were investigated.”

The spokesperson also confirmed all the assault allegations against Richey have now been dropped and no further action will be taken.

Richey, originally from Edinburgh, also took to Facebook to vent his anger concerning his treatment at the hands of the police claiming he was “not a happy man” about his arrest.

Richey posted on Friday night: “Well, I am back out of prison after a wee stay there for being accused of threatening a nurse, when I was taken in for chest pains. No threat was made.

“The nurses even backed me up on that. Someone made a false threat claim and I got thrown into prison for it until it could be investigated. Needless to say, I’m not a happy man about it.”

Richey, who spent 21 years on Death Row in the US for killing a toddler, added: “At the moment, I am living in a veterans’ homeless shelter in Columbus, Ohio. It’s not a bad place and I think I may be able to get some of the help I need here.

“I have limited access to a computer so will be able to be online more. I have missed being out of touch with you all. Thanks for the birthday wishes.”

And online pals have been quick to back Richey following his latest brush with the law with some urging him to move back to Scotland.

Karin Elsea posted: “Glad to hear from you but dismayed about your prison time – stay strong and get well. Hoping you will make it ‘home’ one day.”

Alice Sheridan said: Glad you are being treated well Kenny – any reason why you can’t come home?”

And Darrin Macauliffe added: “Glad to see you out mate, was wondering where you got to. You really need to get out of that country and back where you belong.”

Richey was sentenced to death in 1987 for killing two-year-old Cynthia Collins, who died in a fire at her mother’s apartment in Columbus Grove, Ohio the previous year.

He claimed it was a miscarriage of justice but was freed in 2008 after spending 21 years on Death Row and after accepting manslaughter, child endangering and breaking and entering in a plea bargain.

In 2012 Richey was jailed for three years after leaving a threatening phone message for the judge who prosecuted his original case.

Richey’s brother Tom is serving a 65-year jail term for murder after being convicted of shooting two people in Tacoma, Washington, while high on LSD in 1986, killing a shop assistant.