Killer says archangel possessed her to stab victim

Alan Williamson was killed at Glenure Loan. Picture: Julie Bull
Alan Williamson was killed at Glenure Loan. Picture: Julie Bull
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A transgender killer has told a jury she didn’t mean to kill her neighbour by stabbing him 29 times.

Giving evidence, Melissa Young said she felt “indifferent” about taking the life Alan Williamson on Christmas Day after he rejected a Christmas present.

She claimed the archangel Saint Michael had taken over her body used it as an instrument of God to “cleanse the unclean body of his demonic figure”.

When she was shown a photograph of the bloodstained kitchen knife used to stab Alan she admitted: “The knife was inserted into him by me. I don’t accept it was 29 (times).”

Asked how many times she had knifed him she said: “It felt like only one, but it could have been up to seven.

“It seems totally beyond reason, 29. I really do believe it’s beyond reason.”

She added: “I’ve done it now so that’s it because I wasn’t well, I was psychotic.”

Young, 37, has admitted stabbing her 47-year-old neighbour to death in her flat at Glenure Loan, Edinburgh, on the grounds of “abnormality of mind” but she denies murdering him.

Under cross-examination by Advocate Depute Bill McVicar she angrily rejected a suggestion that she was pretending to be more unwell than she actually was to avoid a life sentence for murder.

She said she could not remember why she had stabbed Alan.

She told the jury: “To be honest, it all happened so quick there was not really any conscious decisions made before or during the stabbing.

“I have to say I felt heroin was taking over.

“I was going down a bad path in life and I was on a mission to self destruct.”

When asked by defence QC Jim Keegan about the large number of stab wounds Young replied: “I don’t believe it.

“The remaining stab wounds was a set-up, a police vendetta…. or Mr Alan Willamson stabbed himself the rest of the times while he was in the hallway.”

Mr Keegan said: “Is that not a ridiculous proposition?” She responded: “I don’t know. I have this vision of myself only stabbing him once.”

Defence psychiatric expert Dr Kurim Khan, 40, said he believed Young had been suffering from “psychosis” at the time of the attack and was therefore not responsible for her actions.

Earlier the jury heard that Young, who had a sex change op in 2002, had compared herself to gun maniac Raoul Moat and pill-popping Hollyoaks character Nancy Osborne during an interview with cops.

She told detectives: “I’ve been a bit Ralph (Raoul) Moat, going psycho and blazing about the streets like deranged needing the State Hospital because of hate crime from all my neighbours.”

Young also accused her alleged victim of hiding her keys and belongings when he came to her flat, like characters in the TV soap Hollyoaks.

She said: “Nancy in Hollyoaks, she was addicted to codeine and… somebody that was after her man was putting things in different places and that ‘from now you see it, now you don’t’ first item was there five minutes ago, again you look for it it’s not there.

“He’s trying to mess my delirium and trying to, eh, make me out to be pill-popping lunatic by putting things in different places.”

She added: “Hollyoaks is on about Nancy being made out to be a pill-popping lunatic ‘cos she’s addicted to co-codamol because of a jealous friend that’s trying to get in about her husband and she gets put in a secure unit.”

A video of the accused being interviewed by cops was played to the jury at the High Court in Livingston yesterday.

She described police suggestions that she told uniformed officers she’d stabbed Alan to death as “conjured-up hocus pocus nonsense”.

The court heard earlier that Alan bled to death in the early hours of Christmas Day from stab wounds which had pierced his heart and severed a major artery in his leg.

The trial, before Lord Boyd, continues.