Killer stabbed neighbour after he refused presents

Police teams at  Glenure Loan, where Alan Williamson was stabbed to death. Picture: Julie Bull
Police teams at Glenure Loan, where Alan Williamson was stabbed to death. Picture: Julie Bull
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A murder accused stabbed her neighbour 29 times because he refused to accept presents from her on Christmas Day, a jury heard yesterday.

Melissa Young told a psychiatrist she offered Alan Williamson a pair of white unisex trainers and a copy of the Sun newspaper’s 2014 calendar, the High Court at Livingston was told.

She revealed that the deceased had come to her flat to buy Valium from her.

She said the door was locked behind him and the key put down the side of the sofa.

After Alan refused her gifts, she said, he began to shout: “Let me out”.

She told him he had to go to the bathroom window.

Then she said she got “very angry”, went to the kitchen to get a knife and stabbed him in the arm.

She told the doctor: “He didn’t make a sound”.

Giving evidence about the interview today consultant psychiatrist Debbie Mountain, 47, of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, said Young was “nonchalant” and “demonstrated no regret” as she related the night’s tragic events.

Dr Mountain said her patient made spontaneous comments including “I stabbed him several times. The neighbour upstairs I stabbed” and “I’m resigned. I’m ready to die because I killed someone”.

She said the accused told her she had bought the flat in Clermiston, Edinburgh, in January 2013 with £17,000 lump sum of backdated Disability Living Allowance.

Although Young told the medic she had researched the area beforehand, she said trouble started almost immediately with her neighbours.

The doctor said Young, who is transgender, accused them of “hate crime” for shouting things at her like “You’re a man”.

She also said that upstairs neighbour Alan, who she claimed was an alcoholic, made noises which disturbed her at night.

Neighbours in turn complained about visitors making banging noises at Young’s flat and alleged she was guilty of anti-social behaviour, lodging 45 letters of complaint in November 2013 alone.

Dr Mountain also said Young told her about being struck off by several GP practices because she “presented as scary and intimidating”.

She added: “At that point she demonstrated how scary and intimidating she could be to GP practice staff.

“It was rather sudden and out of the blue as if she was acting. I think it was the image of leaning forward, baring her teeth and holding her hands up in an intimidating way.

Young, 37, denies murder but has admitted the culpable homicide of her 47-year-old neighbour at her flat in Glenure Loan, Edinburgh, on Christmas Day last year on the grounds of “abnormality of mind”.

She also denies detaining Alan against his will six months earlier and threatening him with a knife, scaring him so much he jumped from her first floor balcony to escape.

The jury heard earlier that Alan bled to death in the early hours of Christmas Day from stab wounds which had pierced his heart and severed a major artery in his leg.

Dr John Crichton, 47, a consultant forensic psychiatrist at the Orchard Clinic in Edinburgh, said Young was “significantly affected” by enduring and pervasive psychiatric problems.

He diagnosed her as suffering from emotionally unstable and histrionic personality disorders which made her prone to mood swings, lack of consequential thinking and “theatrical” behaviour.

He told the jury he did not believe Young’s claim that the Archangel Michael spoke to her immediately before she stabbed Alan.

The trial, before Lord Boyd, continues.