Knife attack victim tells of horror at stabbing

Police at the scene of the stabbing attack. Picture: Scott Taylor
Police at the scene of the stabbing attack. Picture: Scott Taylor
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One of the victims of a horrific stabbing attack has spoken of the moment he desperately tried to save his brother from knife-wielding thieves.

James and Peter Stewart from Aberdeen thought they were buying a car from a pair of youths in Pilton after answering a bogus online ad, but were viciously stabbed when they arrived at the address in Pilton on April 9.

James, who pulled his brother away from the scene of the crime after the attackers fled, said he feared he would never see his children again.
Hopes have been raised that the assailants will be caught after family members claimed that James was able to identify one of his attackers when presented with mugshots by police.

Peter, 43, was left with 15 injuries and needed care at the Royal Edinburgh Infirmary before being transferred to hospital in Aberdeen, while James, 45, was stabbed in the arms, stomach and legs during the ordeal.

The elder brother said yesterday: “I thought I was dead. I thought I would never hear my kids speak again. I didn’t know how badly I was injured but I knew it was bad. All I could do was think I had to get to Peter.

“I am sore and I am having bad nightmares. Peter is doing a lot better than he was. He will have a long recovery ahead but he is over the worst.”

“My brother said ‘come down and have a break for the day’. I have never been to Edinburgh before.”

The brothers were robbed of £6000 during the assault after being lured into a stairwell in Wardieburn Street West, thinking they would be buying a car listed on web marketplace Gumtree for Peter.

“He had been saving up for it,” said James. “We had gone for a nice day out and this is what happened to us.”

He added: “I was shouting for help but no one was listening. Finally a Polish couple came over and a woman, who I now believe was a doctor. They saved my life and they saved my brother’s life.”

One of the attackers, both men, is believed to be between 17 and 19 years old, while the other is thought to be in his mid-20s.

James’ wife Gina said her husband was able to identify one of the assailants in a police photograph.

She said: “Police came in with mugshots. James pointed to one of the boys and said ‘that boy there’. It was such a daze but things are starting to come back to him now which is what he’s scared of.”

The brothers were able to speak face to face for the first time since the attack following Peter’s transfer to Aberdeen, with Mrs Stewart saying: “It was emotional.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said the investigation was ongoing and could not comment.