Knife thug scarred alleged rapist’s face in attack

Livingston Sheriff Court heard the victim feared for his safety. Picture: Gordon McBrearty
Livingston Sheriff Court heard the victim feared for his safety. Picture: Gordon McBrearty
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A knife thug scarred an alleged rapist for life in a horrific vigilante style attack.

Dale Hannah and a pal burst into the man’s home in Livingston, West Lothian, with their faces masked.

Hannah, who had been drinking heavily, then slashed the householder from his ear to the corner of his mouth.

Livingston Sheriff Court heard the victim feared for his safety when he was wakened by the sound of Hannah and his unidentified accomplice kicking his door.

He armed himself with the steel rod from a weightlifting dumb-bell and opened the door.

Hannah rushed him and cut him on the face before trying to stab him with a Stanley knife.

The victim, with blood pouring from a serious face wound, didn’t try to defend himself.

He dropped the metal pole and ran out of his home wearing only his boxer shorts and a football top.

Brian Robertson, prosecuting said the victim went to a local shop and asked staff to call an ambulance.

While help was on its way he returned home to get dressed and lock up his flat and came back in time to be taken to hospital for treatment.

Cops failed to find the attackers, but five weeks later Hannah dialed 999 and confessed he was responsible for slashing a male. He handed himself in a short time later.

Hannah, 22, yesterday pled guilty to assaulting the man to his to severe injury and permanent disfigurement while acting with another person on August 31 last year.

He admitted that he and his accomplice entered the victim’s home uninvited with their faces masked, slashed him on the face with a knife and tried to stab him.

Mr Robertson said: “He told police he did it because the male concerned was a rapist, and he didn’t regret it.

“He was detained by police and he said: ‘I wish I killed the c***’.

“He said that he burst through the door because the complainer was a ‘beast rapist bastard’.

“It’s his belief that people who rape others shouldn’t get away with it.

“He said he wished he’d killed the complainer and made a better job of it.

“When the injuries were explained to him he said: ‘Good’. It’s a fairly significant wound which will result in permanent scarring, but no impairment as such.”

Mr Robertson said Hannah told police he’d had sex with the female victim who told him she had flashbacks of the alleged rape.

He added: “As far as reporting it to the police is concerned, he said he’d split up with his girlfriend, had nowhere to go and wanted his conscience to be clear.”

Sheriff Peter Hammond called for background reports and adjourned the case until July 18 for sentence.

He told Hannah: “Having regard to the horrific nature of this assault and the likelihood of a custodial sentence being imposed, bail is refused and you will be remanded in custody.”