Knifeman taunted his victim with ‘your blood’ film

Matiss Grigucs left his victim scarred for life. Picture: Vic Rodrick
Matiss Grigucs left his victim scarred for life. Picture: Vic Rodrick
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A MAN who slashed a friend’s workmate with a Stanley knife later sent his victim a taunting video of himself holding the weapon and chanting: “Your blood, your blood!”

Mattiss Grigucs took the blade to a 7am encounter arranged between his friend Nathan Tarbet and the injured man Callum Heggie, a court heard.

Tarbet, whose not guilty plea to the assault was accepted by the Crown, had “taken a dislike” to Mr Heggie, prosecutor Alistair Macleod told Livingston Sheriff Court.

The pair had fallen out over a disciplinary incident which resulted in Tarbet losing his job with Amazon, where they both worked.

When Heggie began to get the upper hand in the altercation, Mr Macleod said, Grigucs stepped in and swung the orange handled Stanley knife twice at Mr Heggie’s head and once to his body.

His victim suffered cuts to his cheek, his ear and his abdomen, all of which have left him scarred for life.

A taxi driver who witnessed the attack outside Oscar’s Bar and Grill in Livingston stopped his car and Grigucs and the gang of youths he was with fled the scene.

Mr Macleod said Mr Heggie quickly became aware that he was bleeding and made his way to St John’s Hospital nearby for treatment. Staff there alerted the police.

Medics glued a cut on top of his right ear shut and inserted five stitches in a 6cm cut in his left cheek and a further five in a cut above his right hip.

Police later recovered CCTV footage from the restaurant which clearly showed Grigucs carrying out the vicious, unprovoked attack.

Mr Macleod added: “The following day police were also provided with footage from the complainer’s mobile phone which had been sent to him.

“This footage shows the accused in possession of an orange Stanley knife making reference to the incident before stating: ‘Callum Heggie. Your blood, your blood!’ and indicating the Stanley knife he was holding.

“The accused was identified by officers from the photograph and detained. He appeared on petition on 8 May, when he was remanded in custody.”

Grigucs, 21, described as a prisoner at Edinburgh, pleaded guilty on indictment to a charge of assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

He admitted repeatedly striking Mr Heggie on the head and body with a knife in Livingston, West Lothian, on April 2 this year.

Sheriff Peter Hammond highlighted that Grigucs had a previous conviction for assault to severe injury and permanent disfigurement and called for background reports.

He told the accused he would be sentenced on September 4 and remanded him in custody meantime.

The sheriff said: “Having regard to Mr Grigucs’ record a custodial sentence is clearly indicated.

“The question is whether that should involve some form of post release supervision, and that will require a report.”