Lie detector test for sex offender John McCallum

John McCallum has been in jail for seven months. Picture: Esme Allen
John McCallum has been in jail for seven months. Picture: Esme Allen
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A CONVICTED paedophile who raped and abused his twin nieces is set to take a lie detector test behind bars in a bid to prove his innocence.

John McCallum was jailed for ten years after being convicted in September of sickening attacks on the girls when they were children aged between five and 13.

His victims, Rachel and Tracy Steadwood, said the planned polygraph test at Saughton Prison was the latest “delaying tactic” from McCallum, and questioned whether he will ever sit the exam.

Sources say McCallum has repeatedly put off his application for testing as he is worried about the consequences if he fails.

Polygraph tests are inadmissible as evidence in Scottish courts, but the 53-year-old believes the move will impress friends and family, to whom he continues to deny his guilt.

Killer Luke Mitchell passed a similar lie detector test held at Shotts Prison, which saw him quizzed about the murder of his girlfriend, Jodi Jones.

It is understood the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) is still considering McCallum’s request.

After being convicted by a jury in September, the shamed businessman exclaimed “I’ll take a lie detector test” as he was remanded by the judge.

Rachel, 40, said: “I know what he did to me, Tracy knows what he did to her and he knows what he did, too. A lie detector test will not change anything. He will fail the test because he’s guilty.

“I think he’ll delay taking the test as long as possible.

“He shouted out in court that he’d take one and he’s still not done it.

“It’s just an attempt to prolong things with his friends and family. It’s a delaying tactic so he can keep telling them he’s innocent.”

McCallum comes from a large traveller family and many associates are believed to have turned their backs on him following his conviction.

The paedophile hopes applying for a lie detector exam will win back some of the loyalty he has lost.

A source said: “McCallum’s been in prison for seven months now and he’s still not taken the test. He’s been delaying it because he knows what the result will be. He said in court he’d take the test and if he fails then that will be the end. Even those closest to him would walk away.”

But his wife, Nicola, who is standing by him, said: “It’s been paid for and we hope to do the test in the next few weeks when the prison can sort out a date. My husband has not tried to delay this. The delays were because people from the prison were away on courses.

“He’s willing to pay for the twins to do a test as well.”

McCallum refused to be placed in the sex offenders wing at Saughton Prison following his conviction, even hiring gangland enforcer Frank Doris to protect him.

But prison bosses later moved him into the segregated area amid fears for his safety.

McCallum, from Loanhead, subjected his nieces to eight years of attacks. The twins surrendered their anonymity to highlight the terrible abuse they suffered.

An SPS spokesman said: “We do not comment on individual prisoners.”