Man facing life in jail for attack on disabled dad

Livingston civic centre
Livingston civic centre
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A violent thug branded a “danger to the public” is facing a life sentence for attacking his disabled father.

David Sharp was referred to the High Court for consideration of a lifelong restriction order for wounding his father in a vicious assault in 2012.

He was also jailed for 10 months yesterday for carrying a knife and biting a police officer on the hand earlier this year.

Drunken Sharp smashed a one-litre bottle of vodka over Charlie Brookhouse’s head, Livingston Sheriff Court heard.

Mr Brookhouse, 63 – who has an artificial leg – had tried to stop his boy taking the vodka away from his brother Robert, who was said to be an alcoholic.

Livingston Sheriff Court heard Mr Brookhouse was sober when he followed his son into the garden of his brother’s home and challenged him about stealing the alcohol.

He told a jury at an earlier hearing: “It was my brother’s drink and he goes aff his heid if that drink’s not there.

“I was really angry with him (David) so I just walked out and said to him about it.

“David hit me with the bottle once. It smashed. My head was all split open. I had to get stitches in hospital.”

Sharp, 32, of Columbia Avenue, Livingston, West Lothian, pled guilty on indictment to a reduced charge of assaulting his father by hitting him with the vodka bottle to his injury at his uncle’s house in Livingston on October 2, 2012.

He also admitted being racially abusive to police who arrested him shortly afterwards.

Yesterday Sharp pled guilty to further charges of having a lock knife at Almondvale Retail Park, Livingston, and assaulting a police constable at Livingston Police Station following his arrest on February 24.

Stuart Peebles, defending, claimed Sharp had taken the blade out to cut tags off items he stole and didn’t plan to use it as a weapon.

He revealed the accused had served a year in prison after being sentenced at the High Court on Glasgow for a sex offence involving a 15-year-old in 2012.

Mr Peebles did not dispute a social work assessment that Sharp was at “high risk” of further violence, given his criminal record.

But he claimed the accused now wanted to give up drink and drugs and try to “turn his life around”.

Sheriff Susan Craig highlighted that Sharp’s extensive record, included a conviction for assault to danger of life and a recent conviction involving a knife.

She told the accused: “Your father was a disabled man, a man who clearly was a very impaired individual.

“This dispute arose over you taking from the house a bottle – of either vodka or Buckfast – which your father said you shouldn’t take.

“This wasn’t a drunken brawl that got out of hand because your father wasn’t drunk. But you were.”

She added: “The very firm conclusion of the criminal justice social work report is that you’re at a high risk in terms of members of the public.

“That’s a combination of both your impulsive behaviour and your violent behaviour, which is exhibited in both the charges to which you’ve pled guilty.

“It seems to me it’s appropriate to remit the matter to the High Court to consider whether it’s worth placing a lifelong restriction order on you. The High Court has that power and I’ll send my report to the High Court accordingly.”

She remanded Sharp in custody.