Man murdered flatmate’s boyfriend after row

High Court in Glasgow
High Court in Glasgow

A MAN murdered his flatmate’s boyfriend after a trivial row when he was accidentally woken up by the couple.

Robert Kay, 36, flew into a rage and stabbed 40-year-old Carlo Volante in a “one-sided violent attack” in broad daylight in front of his terrified girlfriend.

Mhairi Hughes screamed “You’re going to kill him” as Kay reigned blows on Mr Volante and he shouted back: “You’re f****** right, he’s dead.”

At the High Court in Glasgow, Kay, from Bonnyrigg, pleaded guilty to murdering Mr Volante at Auld Coal Grove in the town on January 3, 2017.

The court heard Kay rented a room to Miss Hughes who was in a relationship with Mr Volante, who lived with her.

Advocate depute Angela Gray said around 2pm on January 3, Mr Volante and Miss Hughes decided to go to her mum’s house to walk the dog.

She said: “In doing so they also woke up the accused who shouted ‘get up or get f****** out’.

“Miss Hughes shouted at Kay and Mr Volante told Kay not to shout at Miss Hughes.

“Miss Hughes felt she had enough and was not going to put up with Kay any longer so she and Mr Volante decided they were moving out right away.”

They started packing belongings and shouted at one another to hurry and Mr Volante realised he should have been at work that day.

He shouted at Kay because he was annoyed at missing work then went downstairs to take bags outside for his girlfriend.

Seconds later, Miss Hughes heard a disturbance and looked out to see Kay running down the path, away from the door.

She heard Mr Volante shouting “What’s this c*** all about, he has a knife” and other witnesses saw Kay chase after him.

Mr Volante ended up on the ground and Kay stood over him and stabbed him “a number of times on the upper body”.

Miss Gray added: “Miss Hughes at this time was only five metres away, not going any closer out of fear and was shouting and screaming at Kay to leave Mr Volante alone.

“She noted that Mr Volante, who had initially been kicking his legs out at Kay, had stopped moving after the first two or three blows.

“She shouted at Kay ‘you’re going to kill him’ to which he shouted ‘you’re f****** right, he’s dead’.”

Onlookers then saw Kay slit Mr Volante’s throat before going back to his house.

On being told by a neighbour it was believed Mr Volante was dead he said “good”.

Kay was outside on the phone to his lawyer and because of the concern of him having a knife he was handcuffed and taken inside where he told officers where the knife was.

Mr Volante was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary but pronounced dead at 5.52pm. He was found to have 14 sharp blade injuries with nine of them being stab type injuries.

Defence QC Donald Findlay said Kay has no recollection of the incident and the last memory beforehand is an alleged threat made by Mr Volante.

Judge Lady Rae will sentence Kay at a later date.