Masked thieves steal £4000 in corner shop raid

Bazeen Chaudry's Broughton Road shop was ransacked by thieves. Picture: Jon Savage
Bazeen Chaudry's Broughton Road shop was ransacked by thieves. Picture: Jon Savage
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MASKED thieves ransacked a corner shop, stealing cash, alcohol and cigarettes after using tools to smash their way through the shutters.

The raid on Broughton Convenience Store caused damage worth hundreds of pounds and cost its owners around £4000 in lost cash and stock.

CCTV footage shows three men bursting into the shop, snatching takings from the till and fleeing the scene inside a couple of minutes.

Robina and Bazeen Chaudry, who have run the store for six years, said the robbery came three years after the shop was previously targeted by thieves.

Police and forensics teams visited the store to conduct inquiries and trawl records of four CCTV cameras, which revealed the suspects had been wearing gloves.

But no culprits have yet been brought to justice.

Mrs Chaudry, 32, said they had been left frustrated that the case had failed to progress.

“It was very upsetting and depressing for us – the police took all the details and I think they are going to put it in a file and leave it there,” she said.

“We have had nothing at all. I don’t think the police will do anything more. We are at a loss.”

She added: “When we were broken into in 2011 they didn’t catch anyone for that. There are no results.”

Mr Chaudry, 60, told how Broughton Road had experienced a spike in break-ins over recent months and called for tough penalties for the culprits.

He said: “There was a bike stolen two doors up and a I believe nearby workshops have been targeted.

“The police need to do more – it’s no good if crime goes up.”

It is thought repairing the damage caused to the shop will cost around £400.

Detective Inspector Grant Johnston, who is leading the investigation, said officers were making every effort to solve the crime.

He said: “We can confirm that the break-in was reported to police on November 30 and forensic experts attended the scene on December 2 to carry out initial investigations.

“Dedicated housebreaking officers are actively investigating this crime and studying CCTV to identify the culprits.

“We make every effort to update complainers throughout the inquiry, particularly when there are developments.”

A dedicated police team to tackle housebreakings was reformed in Edinburgh this time last year after the number of solved cases halved under the single force.

Crime figures released earlier this month show break-ins across the city have fallen considerably and clear-up rates have leapt from a modest 20 per cent to almost four out of ten burglaries being solved.

However, in the six months to September, Edinburgh experienced a wave of thefts from sheds and garages, with a poorer clear-up rate of one in 20 crooks being collared.