Masseuse’s web claims rub police up the wrong way

Jill Sullivan
Jill Sullivan
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SHE’S a middle-aged masseuse whose services have drawn some unusual attention from the police.

Jill Sullivan, who performs “sensual tantric massage”, was signed up to a scheme offering cut-price sessions to Lothian and Borders officers.

Ms Sullivan, who has operated Chakras-Touch massage from her home in Mayfield, Dalkeith, for a decade, even claimed on her website that she was now an official “massage therapist” for the force, as well as belonging to the police union, the Scottish Police Federation. Unsurprisingly, that was quickly denied by police chiefs and Ms Sullivan – said to be a gran aged 55 –has insisted the web claims were a mix-up.

She told the Evening News that she had signed up with a company called Staff Discounts UK, which offers reduced prices on behalf of various firms to Federation members.

She said: “It was a mistake. Staff Discounts UK saw my website and contacted me to see if I wanted to sign up to advertise to the police through them.

“They told me I would probably end up with more clients than I could handle and I could pass on the rest of the work.

“Tantric massages are only a part of my work. I believed I could help injured officers with hot stone massages, deep tissue massages or aromatherapy.”

Ms Sullivan, who works only part-time while caring for her parents, both of whom are in their 90s, offers a “full tantric experience” at the cost of £240.

The goal of such a massage is, according to her site, “to massage the Lingam [male sexual organ], also including testicles, perineum and Sacred Spot, and allow the man to surrender to a form of pleasure he may not be used to”.

Despite this, her website states that the massages are not sexual and the therapist remains fully clothed.

A Scottish Police Federation spokeswoman said: “We do not endorse any company or product but we did engage with Staff Discounts to arrange discounts with reputable companies for our members.

“However, we became aware of issues around the company Staff Discounts misrepresenting themselves and using inappropriate sales techniques. As a result, we have terminated our relationship with them.

“Due to contractual obligations, the Staff Discounts website will remain available to members of the Lothian and Borders Federation until April.”

A police spokesman confirmed that Ms Sullivan had no affiliation with the force.

Andrew Beckett, who runs Wigan-based Staff Discounts UK, said: “The lady was shown the relevant documents and letter from the Federation explaining our contract. Her company was advertised on our website, not the Federation’s, and she was never told she could say she was from the Federation.

“When we found out the services the lady was offering, we felt it better to give her a refund and have her adverts taken off our site. We also told her to take the messages about the police off her site.”