Mum-of-four living in fear of '˜terrifying' stalker return

A MUM-of-four has told of her two-year stalking hell at the hands of a deluded neighbour who thought she was his daughter.

Friday, 11th May 2018, 8:51 am
Updated Friday, 11th May 2018, 8:55 am
Patsy with daughter. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

What began with James McKay showering her with unsolicited gifts at her Wester Hailes home ended in him kicking in her front door when she was eight months pregnant.

Petrified Patsy Parker has been diagnosed with acute stress and is now in a race against time to get her family moved before McKay is freed from a secure mental health facility.

“It was terrifying,” said Mrs Parker, 41, of McKay’s attack on her family home last April. “He was kicking the front door in and I had to dial 999. There was only one lock holding it when police came.”

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Doctors were so worried for her welfare, they induced labour and healthy Meadow, who turns one next month, was born four weeks early.

“It’s made me quite ill,” added Mrs Parker. “I was even diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.”

Mrs Parker told how McKay’s behaviour started out bizarre before becoming evermore erratic and threatening.

“I used to go out in the morning and find things outside my front door,” recalled the former retail manager for the Barnardo’s children’s charity. I just thought people had been silly and were leaving things for the shop,” she added.

But then an expensive plasma screen TV was left on the front door at Christmas with a note attached to “Jackie, love dad.”

The accompanying receipt was addressed to McKay across the road and so Mrs Parker’s husband James, 43, tried to return it, assuming it was an error.

“We thought he’d just got the wrong address but he wouldn’t answer the door. James had to shout through the letterbox,” said Mrs Parker.

Besotted McKay, 50, then opened a bank account with £2,000 in and posted the bank card through Mrs Parker’s door which the police had to return.

But McKay’s behaviour worsened once Mrs Parker became pregnant – including smashing up James’ car and even trying to attack the former Royal Scots soldier, who was unhurt.

“It’s clear he’s got mental health issues,” said Mrs Parker. “It’s a shame because he’s not getting the help he needs.”

A sheriff last month compelled McKay to the Royal Edinburgh Hospital for six months after deeming him unfit to stand trial.

Mrs Parker is now desperate for landlords Prospect Community Housing to move her family before McKay is back home.

If the firm is unable to relocate Patsy and her family then they may have to join the council’s emergency homeless list.

Prospect director Brendan Fowler said: “Whilst we cannot comment on this specific case, Prospect takes all reports of antisocial behaviour seriously and we work with partner agencies, including the police, to resolve them. As part of this, the housing options for households are considered.”