Mystery after bus door smashed by 'projectile umbrella' in Edinburgh street

The bizarre incident took place early on Friday morning.

Friday, 22nd November 2019, 2:24 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd November 2019, 3:10 pm

Bus passengers - including a mother and baby - were given a fright today after a person standing at a closed bus stop somehow managed to smash the glass door with their umbrella.

Chris Kirby was on the number 14 bus at about 7:45am on Friday when, about half way along Greendyles Road, he heard the smash from the top deck and a woman screaming "oh my God" downstairs.

Mr Kirby said the bus carried on for about 20 yards before stopping and he went downstairs and saw the folded down umbrella lying on the bus floor along with broken glass.

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Damage to the bus door. Pictures: Chris Kirby.

He said the driver told passengers that "someone threw" the mini umbrella through the glass "because the bus stop was closed."

The 35-year-old IT worker believes a man was responsible however no-one on board was able to get a very clear look.

However, a police spokeswoman said "no criminality was established" and that it was deemed to be accidental.

But Mr Kirby said: "There was absolutely no way that could have been an accident – the umbrella was still folded down (a mini), and the driver did say that 'someone threw the umbrella through the glass because the bus stop was closed.' It would take some force to shatter and go through the window."

Mr Kirby said he could not see or hear if there was any interaction between the driver and person outside in the lead up to the glass being smashed.

He said the bus stop is normally open but this morning it was closed and the driver continued past it.

Mr Kirby added: "That early in the morning it's normally commuters. There was a young woman with a baby and pram and think she was the one who screamed out.

"It's very bizarre. It certainly seems like a disgruntled passenger but there have been several incidents which have happened in that area and it's frustrating. It seems that nothing is really being done. This probably wasn't a youth but it's still quite a serious incident."

Mr Kirby said he was on a bus previously in the area when children were throwing stones at the vehicle in broad daylight.

Lothian Buses has been contacted for comment.