Netflix app warning for Edinburgh users following scam

Users of the Netflix app on smartphones and tablets are being warned of a newly created bogus version designed to spread malware.

A warning has been issued for Netflix users.
A warning has been issued for Netflix users.


The fake app, which appears to look and act the same as the one run by Netflix, is being dubbed ‘SpyNote RAT’ (Remote Access Trojan).

It has been found by a research team that once installed on a device, the spyware is capable of listening to live conversations through the microphone, controlling the device remotely, reading text messages and copying files.

The TV and Film streaming service, which has over 30 million users worldwide, offer a legitimate and safe app for subscribers. Users are now being urged to ensure that they have the correct software installed.

A researcher at Zscaler, an internet security company said: “As soon as the user clicks the spyware’s icon for the first time, nothing seems to happen and the icon disappears from the home screen. This is a common trick played by malware developers, making the user think the app may have been removed. But, behind the scenes, the malware has not been removed; instead it starts preparing its onslaught of attacks”.

Netflix is not the first service to be targeted SpyNote RAT; Whatsapp, Sky TV, Facebook and Instagram have also faced malware attacks in recent months.