OAP shaken by daylight attack

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a PENSIONER who was mugged and pushed to the ground in broad daylight has told how she knew she was going to be attacked seconds before it happened.

The 67-year-old retired shop worker, who does not want to be identified, was on her way to visit a friend when the attack took place in Brunswick Street, just off Leith Walk.

She was left bruised and suffering from shock, but said it could have been much worse if the muggers had chosen a more frail victim.

She said: “I’d come from the top of London Road and crossed over to Brunswick Street and I was aware of footsteps behind me, but I didn’t look round.

“Three-quarters of the way down the street there was a gap between two parked cars and the next thing I knew I was pushed forward and landed in the street. Funnily enough, I somehow thought it was going to happen – I just thought ‘I’m going to go down’, I knew by the footsteps.”

The muggers ran away towards Montgomery Street, escaping too quickly for their victim to catch sight of them as she pulled herself up.

A friend took her to the police station to report the attack and the theft of her handbag, which contained £130 cash, a bank card and a mobile phone.

She said she thought the attackers had acted spontaneously: “It was 5 o’clock, broad daylight. I think they were two young lads, judging by the sound of the feet – they’re obviously young opportunists who wanted money for drugs, I presume. I suppose they thought I was an easy target – there wasn’t a soul to be seen.”

She was also shocked to have been attacked in such a central location: “I’ve been in other places where I would have thought it was much more likely, but not in town – that shocked me more than anything, that it was in a populated area.

“I’ve bruised both my knees, but I think the shock is worse than anything.

“I just hope it never happens to anyone who is frail, it could have killed them – the shock alone, not the injuries. It’s happened, I can’t really sit and say ‘if and buts’ – it could have been a lot worse – but it was a horrible experience, I would hate it to happen to anyone.”

Police are appealing for anyone who may have seen the pair escaping or who has any information about the attack to come forward.

A police spokesman said: “The elderly woman suffered minor cuts to her knees during this incident and was undoubtedly distressed at the theft of her handbag. Unfortunately we do not have a description for the suspects, but believe there may have been a number of witnesses in the area, given the time of day. Anyone who was in or around Brunswick Street and saw anything suspicious or can assist us in identifying those responsible is asked to contact police immediately.”