Paedophile gets hired killer’s protection in jail

John McCallum
John McCallum
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A GANGLAND enforcer jailed over a murder plot has been hired by paedophile John McCallum to protect him in Saughton Prison.

McCallum was sentenced to ten years for raping and abusing his twin nieces when they were children, but the 53-year-old has refused to be placed in segregation in the prison.

Now his associates are paying money to hardened criminal Frank Doris to “vouch” for McCallum and protest his innocence to fellow inmates.

Both men are housed in the same hall at Saughton, where Doris is serving 13 years for conspiring to murder ­businessman Kevin Martin in a £30,000 contract hit.

Relatives of the twin sisters abused by McCallum said they were aware that his associates had attempted to buy protection from other prisoners, but were rebuffed.

The relatives said they were “not surprised” that McCallum, who has links to the criminal underworld, wished to be kept in general population as he “will never admit his guilt”.

Sex offenders are typically kept in segregation in a bid to protect them from attacks by other inmates. Prison bosses carry out full risk assessments on new inmates to ensure their safety before they are assigned cells. McCallum was sentenced at the High Court in Edinburgh last Monday for subjecting nieces, Rachel Steadwood and Tracy Brown, 40, to eight years of sordid attacks when they were aged between five and 13.

He was convicted of abusing them in his caravan at a ­Duddingston travellers site and in Loanhead, Midlothian, where the businessman also lived, between 1978 and 1987. A family member said: “We know that Frank Doris is getting paid to look after him.

“McCallum’s associates tried to recruit another hardman at the prison but he said he wouldn’t protect a ‘beast’.

“Another prisoner in a similar situation was paying £500 a week so I’m not sure if Doris is getting the same. I’m not surprised that McCallum doesn’t want to be kept in segregation. He will never admit his guilt.

“He doesn’t care less about the lassies and what they went through. Before the trial he would go on his knees to people, swearing that he was innocent and crying his eyes out.”

Another source said: “Mc­Callum is paying Frank Doris to vouch for him and put it around that he’s innocent. Doris is not a big man but he has a reputation in prison.

“McCallum doesn’t want to go into segregation with the other sex offenders so he’s got Doris to watch his back.”

McCallum, of Loanhead, who comes from a large traveller family, has maintained the loyalty of a number of associates despite his conviction.

A Scottish Prison Service spokesman said: “We do not comment on individual ­prisoners.”

Bodyguard’s history of violence

FRANK Doris was jailed in April 2010 after being found guilty of conspiracy to murder.

The 43-year-old was convicted alongside property developer Martin Black, who had hired Doris as a bodyguard. Black was living in fear of Kevin Martin, who claimed he was owed £100,000 from a soured business deal, and Doris was hired to kill him.

During their trial, the court was shown a “homemade” gun which was among the weapons amassed by Doris as part of the July 2008 murder plot.

Doris, who boasted of shooting seven men and often signed his text messages “Murder Inc”, was trapped after boasting of his plans to former vice girl Claire Lizanec. He threatened to kill her after she stole a gun from him to sell to buy drugs, and Ms Lizanec reported the conspiracy to police who swooped on his Edinburgh home.