Petition demanding justice for Shaun Woodburn at almost 60,000

Support for a campaign demanding a tougher sentence of footballer Shaun Woodburn's killer continues to grow with a petition signed by nearly 60,000 people.

Sunday, 12th November 2017, 5:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 9:40 am
Shaun Woodburn
Shaun Woodburn

Calling for “justice” for Shaun, the petition was started by his dad Kevin in response to what the family say was an “unduly lenient” sentence.

Shaun’s 17-year-old attacker, who cannot be named because of his age, was sentenced last week to for the culpable homicide of the footballer during a New Year street fight.

But Shaun’s family say a four year sentence does not represent justice.

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Kevin thanked the public for their support. He said: “It has been extremely humbling and has helped my family so much over the last few days to know that so many people out there really do care.

“It is our intention to get this sentence appealed.

“The Lord Advocate has so far emailed me a standard response from his office to say they are ‘looking at the situation’.

“Again a massive thank you to all of you and please keep this going till we get the authorities to do the right thing and give my son and his little girl the justice they so rightly deserve.”

Serving his term at HM Young Offenders Institution at Polmont, Shaun’s killer could be out after serving only two years.

Prisoners in Scotland, given a sentence of four years or less are eligible for release at the halfway point.

Shaun’s family hope the petition will gain enough backing to trigger an appeal which could demand a more severe punishment.

The Crown Office, which has the right to appeal “unduly lenient” verdicts, said it will look at the case but will give no guarantee.

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