Police cars accident damage cost £1m to fix

Police Scotland had a car repair bill. Picture: comp
Police Scotland had a car repair bill. Picture: comp
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POLICE Scotland has admitted it spent more than £1 million last year on repairing force vehicles damaged in accidents.

The bill for such repairs was 60 per cent over budget in the first year of the single all-Scotland police force.

And its transport budget overall saw a £2 million overspend.

Now senior officers are said to be determined to squeeze extra cash out of the insurers of motorists who cause damage to police vehicles.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We have tightened and improved our processes to ensure that we pursue third-party claims where accidents were not our fault.

“The money recovered will be put into our accident damage budget.”

The force spent more than £27 million on transport, up £2 million on the set budget.

Its fuel bill soared despite falling fuel prices because of a five per cent increase in car use. Being part of a national force has meant more travel for some officers.

And there was a 17 per cent overspend on maintenance after the force failed to meet its target of reducing the car fleet by ten per cent.