Police probe pupil’s complaint of assault at Knox Academy

Knox Academy
Knox Academy

POLICE are investigating an alleged assault in which the teenage victim is said to have suffered a fractured jaw at the same school where a student burned a love rival with acid.

The 14-year-old victim of the most recent attack says she was punched and thrown against lockers by a boy at Knox Academy in Haddington.

It was at this school last year that Molly Young suffered serious burns when classmate Emily Bowen put drain cleaner in her viola case.

Police are investigating the latest alleged attack, which happened on Monday, August 28.

The headteacher of the school, Sarah Ingham, went on a “period of leave” the same day as the latest incident.

The unnamed youngster said: “I was chatting to other pupils and was punched and slapped on the face, my head was banged from locker to locker and I slumped to the floor.

“I can’t remember much from this point on. I was checked over at school and put into a wheelchair as I was very unsteady on my feet.”

The teenager added that she had been bullied at school for the past two years and claimed the school had failed to take action.

“I now have severe anxiety and depression, leading me to not want to leave my house at times,” she said.

“I feel the way the school has dealt with it has been appalling, they are full of promises to sort the bullying out and deal with the issues for me and it never helps.”

The girl’s father has said it wasn’t until sometime after the assault that they discovered her jaw was fractured.

He said: “We were at the orthodontist and he said there was a fracture to her jaw.”

A Police Scotland statement said: “Police in East Lothian received a report that a 14-year-old girl was the victim of an assault in Haddington on Monday, August 28 and inquiries into this are continuing.”

A spokesperson from East Lothian Council said they were aware of an alleged incident between two pupils at the school and added: “The safety of our children and young people is always paramount and our schools have clear policies and procedures in place to ensure any allegations are dealt with appropriately.”

Earlier this year Emily Bowen, 18, was sentenced to 21 months’ detention after an acid attack on a fellow pupil at the school.

Two spokespeople for the boy concerned told the Evening News: ‘We were astonished to hear about the allegation of this boy causing concussion and a fractured jaw to this 14-year-girl.

“We are in close contact with Knox Academy and were contacted by the school on 28 August about an altercation which took place between the two teenagers that day.

“We were informed that it was witnessed by several school pupils who made no complaint of the girl’s head being banged against locker doors.

“We were also informed that both teenagers were interviewed by a school manager shortly afterwards and no complaint was made by the girl that her head was banged against locker doors.

“We were also informed that both teenagers admitted equal culpability in the incident.

“We are astonished that the allegation of the boy fracturing the girl’s jaw was made some 10 days after the incident and some 10 days after the parents of the child claim they had their daughter examined by a GP and professionals at The Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

“ We, and the boy concerned, are fully co-operating with the ongoing police inquiry.’