Police warn ‘predatory fantasist’ may have more victims

Rapist Alan Walker from Musselburgh. Picture: submitted
Rapist Alan Walker from Musselburgh. Picture: submitted
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Police believe a “predatory fantasist” who raped a teenager after grooming her under a series of fake online profiles may have more victims.

Detectives urged anyone who had been approached by Alan Walker to come forward after he was handed a ten-year jail sentence for a horrific attack.

Walker attacked the 14-year-old in a park in Musselburgh in January this year after concocting a warped plot to rape her.

He had previously admitted a string of charges including rape and grooming offences against the teenager at the High Court in Glasgow last month.

The 37-year-old created a range of Facebook profiles in the guise of teenage boys called Jason Logan Clark, Jamie Smith and Kris Stewart.

He also set up a female profile where he posed as a woman called Louise Jones, who ran a modelling agency called Epic Models.

Each of these profiles befriended hundreds of young people across the country – including the victim.

After arranging to meet “Jamie Smith” in Musselburgh, the teenager was approached by Walker, who dragged her into a field, blindfolded her and beat her before raping her.

Officers at the Lothians and Scottish Borders Public Protection Unit are now keen to establish whether any other young people have been affected.

Detective Inspector Jim Morrison said: “Alan Walker is a predatory fantasist who created a variety of different personas on social media so that he could get close to young women.”

He added: “If you have met with Walker as a result of him contacting you via these false profiles, and haven’t already spoken to police, then I would ask that you contact us immediately.

“Police Scotland is committed to protecting vulnerable people and as a result of today’s sentence, Walker will now spend a considerable amount of time in prison.”

Walker knew the young girl, having previously met her for sex, but she did not know he was the rapist as he managed to keep his identity hidden.

In a disturbing turn of events, Walker was then the first person the hysterical teenager called for help shortly after her ordeal on January 11.

Walker then insisted he would “do anything to get rid of Jamie Smith” – while also trying to persuade the victim not to go to police.

The teenager went on to tell her grandparents, who immediately dialled 999. Walker was caught after a search of his laptop revealed details of his plans to attack the girl.

The victim had been in regular contact last year via social media with the person she believed was called Jason Clark. This was actually Walker who had set up a fake Facebook profile along with photographs he had taken from the internet.

Judge Lord Turnbull told Walker yesterday: “As a mature adult you engaged in a sophisticated and carefully-planned scheme which permitted you to trick and manipulate a young girl of only 14 at the 

He sentenced him to ten years in prison with a five-year extended sentence requiring him to be supervised in the community.