'Pride and joy' £1,600 bike stolen by three knife wielding youths at Edinburgh retail park

The bike was the last thing Jordan, 18, had off his dad.

Friday, 20th December 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Friday, 20th December 2019, 6:26 am

A valuable bike was stolen from a teenager at Fountain Park by three youths wielding a knife on Tuesday.

The bike, which cost £1,600 and is less than a year old, was the ‘pride and joy’ of Jordan, 18, who has ADHD.

“He loved it, he was constantly at his bike,” said Donna Rorifon, Jordan’s aunt and legal guardian.

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The bike was taken on Tuesday.
The bike was taken on Tuesday.

“It’s what he lives for - everything is bike, bike, bike.”

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The bike had special sentimental value for Jordan as he bought it with money left to him by his father, who died two years ago.

“It’s the last thing I had left of him,” said Jordan.

“I don’t want a new bike, I just really want my bike back.”

Jordan had also spent a lot of time and money on maintenance of the bike since he bought it less than a year ago, after his 18th birthday in February.

“It was his pride and joy, he was always getting something done to the bike,” said Ms Rorifon.

Jordan, who is currently studying at college, was on his way back from getting maintenance work done to the bike when he was attacked on Tuesday afternoon.

The 18-year-old, who lives in Wester Hailes, was cycling near Fountain Park on Dundee Street in the Dalry/Merchiston area of the city.

“I came out of the bike shop and I noticed the bike didn’t feel right, it had a puncture,” said Jordan.

“I was on the path and then these three boys were there.

“One of them shouted at me as I went past and I stopped.

“They kept asking for a shot at my bike and I kept saying no.

“But then one of them pulled a knife out, and he said I’m going to count to three and if you don’t give me the bike I’ll stab you when I get to three.

“When he got to two I gave them the bike.

“I was really shocked, I really want to get it back,” he said.

“I’m doubtful he’ll get the bike back to be honest,” said Ms Rorifon.

“Those three youths should be punished for pulling a knife out, and for putting it to his throat.”

“I really like Jordan and he wouldn’t hurt a fly, he put a lot of time and effort into this bike and it’s such a shame three youths have done this to him,” said Jordan's uncle Jonny Watson.

The incident has been reported to police.