The Proclaimers at Edinburgh Castle - police give lyrical advice ahead of gigs

Police in Edinburgh have provided some more good-humoured lyrical advice to music fans ahead of The Proclaimers gigs at Edinburgh Castle this weekend.

Friday, 19th July 2019, 8:28 am
The Proclaimers are performing in Edinburgh this weekend. Pic: Getty/Police Scotland
The Proclaimers are performing in Edinburgh this weekend. Pic: Getty/Police Scotland

The statement from the force, which is laden with lots of the band's song titles and lyrics, comes after similar messages were posted in advance of other recent performances in the Capital, namely the Spice Girls and Kylie Minogue.

But officers are still urging fans to plan their journeys and prepare for the possibility of bad weather, while reminding them to be be considerate of others before, during and after the gigs.

Twins Craig and Charlie Reid will be playing at the Edinburgh Castle esplanade on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July 2019.

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The Proclaimers are performing in Edinburgh this weekend. Pic: Getty/Police Scotland

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"Scotland’s very own The Proclaimers are playing at Edinburgh Castle this weekend! You’ll be on your way from misery to happiness when it’s Saturday night and our officers will be there to help keep you safe while you enjoy the gig.

"The weather forecast is good, but watch out as it might turn misty blue with clouds spinning around in the air. You may need to wear a coat and oh Jeans, and maybe keep a cap in hand just in case. Hopefully there’ll be sunshine on Leith as well as the Castle so come on nature

"Make the most of the night and ask that special person ‘let’s get married?’ so they can spend their life with you, cause we’re not going to be forever young. That’s the beautiful truth.

"Please plan your journey in advance to avoid running late and becoming an angry cyclist. I’m gonna be 500 miles away so I’ll set off early and I’ll be a restless soul until I get to the streets of Edinburgh.

"We want everyone to enjoy the concert, so be considerate of others as we don’t want any teardrops, because bad behaviour is what makes you cry and a successful night is what will make my heart fly. Don’t leave a mess after you’re gone, if you need to throw the R away, put it in a bin please.

"There’s plenty of first aiders at the event so if your friend Sean hurts himself or there’s a touch of my old friend the blues, you can get help for whatever you’ve got.

"There will be lots of sing alongs so shout shout ‘da da da da’ until it’s over and done with and the shadows fall. Once you’ve left the venue what do you do? Be a role model because you know that love can move mountains. We don’t want anyone being sorry for their behaviour, this is not cynical we just want you to be king of the road on your way home.

"We need the whole wide world to see this message and realise that we have a way with words, a bit like comedy. So share this and spread Scotland’s story and hopefully we get a letter from America telling us that they enjoyed reading this post."