'Pure evil' - Edinburgh residents 'sickened' after boy, 10, taken from street and made to fight for life by teen knife gang

Well-wishes have been pouring in from Edinburgh residents to Sonny Murray and his family.

Friday, 1st November 2019, 5:31 pm
Updated Friday, 1st November 2019, 5:35 pm

Evening News readers have been left 'sickened' by the story of a 10-year-old boy who was taken from a street and made to fight for his life by a teen knife gang.

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Boy, 10, taken from Edinburgh street and made to fight for life by teen knife ga...

Sonny Murray had been out selling tablet and macaroon bars door-to-door before being dragged off the street and forced to fight while videoed by a group of baying teenage thugs.

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Sonny Murray had been out selling tablet and macaroon bars door-to-door before being dragged off the street

The boy, who attends Craigour Primary, was left in fear of his life after the gang, armed with knives and bottles and up to a dozen strong, subjected him to a two-hour ordeal making him fight while they recorded his tearful attempts to defend himself.

He was initially taken to the grounds of Liberton High School by the gang and made to fight another boy there, before being forced to go to a playpark at Glenvarloch Crescent, even further away from his home, where the group rained further blows on him.

The 10-year-old's mother also thanked a passing dog walker who heard her Sonny's screams of pain and intervened to stop the attack on Wednesday evening.

Reader Reaction

Anna Deighan said: "They should be charged with attempted murder. All I can think of is the Jamie Bulger case. I hope they get caught soon. Poor little lad."

Gordon Cockburn said: "If that was an adult there would be serious repercussions, they should be charged with abduction and GBH.

"If there's any issue with the money he lost I would like to help. I hope the wee man is better and gets some justice."

Ruth Cairns said: "This must be one of the most awful and sickening things I’ve read in a long time. Hope he gets all the help possible to help him recover from that awful ordeal. It breaks my heart reading it."

Leigh Owens said: "This is utterly horrific! My heart breaks for this wee lad. Hope he has all the love, care and cuddles needed to recover."

Kirsty Docherty said: "Absolutely awful behaviour. Poor boy....he will be so scared now to go out."

Margaret Wilson said: "This is truly awful! poor little boy - I dread to think what I would do to them if he was mine and I found out who they were !! Makes me feel sad and physically sick. Glad he is safe now - he prob wont ever want to go out again -- poor baby!!"

Nicola Mullany said: "This is so upsetting to read. What is wrong with people. This gang needs caught.... I hope the wee boy recovers mentally from this trauma. Thank goodness for the lady that found him."

Laura Clouston said: "I can't even begin to imagine what this boy went through. This is pure evil. I echo the comments saying had the perpetrators been adults, the repercussions would have been severe. This is a serious offence and needs to be dealt with as such. I'm just so glad the boy was rescued in time."

Sharon Marr said: "This is heartbreaking! Every single one of them need dealt with and not just a slap on the wrists ... this poor boy is now traumatised and will never forget what happened ..... heartbreaking."

Kysha Duncan said: "As a mum I felt sick I cried then anger, your poor poor boy, that lady who found the lad was meant to be there that night and thank god she was, I think of all time my kids go out "what if" the wounds will go but it will take time lots of cuddles from my family."

Amanda Kerr said: "This actually made me cry! Can’t imagine how the wee boy must’ve felt. As for they bullies, hope karma comes to see them soon enough!"

Lyndsey C Whitson said: "I don't understand how any human being, let alone kids could think that it's ok to do this to another person. It makes me so angry as this could have a significant effect on this young boys confidence and mental health for years to come."

Gail Kennedy said: "Everybody is sending you love and hugs, Sonny. Lots and lots of people care about what happened to you. We are all there ' holding your hand'."

Isobel Logan said: "It could have been another jamie bulger case... Evil little ba***rds cowards picking on a wee laddie."

Arlene Glencross said: "Sickening and must have been terrifying. Hope they get them all. Xx"