Rapist had indecent images of young girls on computer

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A convicted rapist caught with 1430 indecent images of children has been sent to the High Court.

Thomas Hazlett, 71, a prisoner at Saughton, was at liberty on licence with two years of a 12-year sentence still to run when police discovered the pictures on his computer in May.

Hazlett has two convictions for rape, including that of two young sisters while babysitting.

Sheriff Kenneth Maciver said: “You have two serious previous convictions for sexual offending at the very top end of the scale.

“You were released on licence and while on licence, bearing in mind it was for raping under-age persons, you then accessed indecent images on your computer of under-age girls. By so doing you have, in your particular circumstances, created a very serious position in terms of public risk and particular risk to young girls.”