Rapist jailed for sleeping woman attack

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A MAN has been jailed for five years after raping a woman who was sleeping after a night out for a birthday celebration.

Kazeem Kadiri, 38, sneaked into the bed where the woman was asleep in the middle of the night and carried out the sex attack on his victim.

He had denied raping the 29-year-old Edinburgh office worker on November 7, 2010 at a house in Livingston, West Lothian, but was found guilty of the offence after a trial.

Judge Lady Stacey told the Nigerian, who was living in the UK illegally, at the High Court in Edinburgh: “Having listened to the evidence in the case I know you forced yourself on a sleeping woman.

“You had no right to do so and you had no reason to believe at all that that woman consented to what you did.”

The judge told Kadiri that she would sentence him to a period of imprisonment and added: “The current law is you will be deported.”