Real-life dectetives ‘led astray’ by Rebus’

Ian Rankin. Picture: Comp
Ian Rankin. Picture: Comp
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REAL detectives are modelling themselves on fictional police officers like Edinburgh author Ian Rankin’s creation Inspector Rebus.

Avon and Somerset chief constable Nick Gargan said to his horror some detectives were being “led astray” by the false picture of emotionally-scarred, hard-drinking TV sleuths.

And he urged writers like Rankin to depict their characters as “clean living and more balanced”. He said there were “pretty damaged individuals in too many of these books”.

Mr Gargan said: “I’ve seen cops on the steps of court putting in rather theatrical performances for the TV cameras and I’ve thought ‘You weren’t trained to do that. It doesn’t represent any part of the rest of your working life’.

“I’d hate to think our investigators were modelling themselves on Rebus.”