Russian thug threatened to rape girls

Nazars Galaks was placed on sex offenders list. Picture: Vic Roderick
Nazars Galaks was placed on sex offenders list. Picture: Vic Roderick
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A RUSSIAN immigrant terrified two primary age schoolgirls by threatening to climb in their bedroom windows and rape them.

Nazars Galaks also said he would slit the throats of their dads, brothers and boyfriends and “hang them from a lamppost”.

Livingston Sheriff Court heard the girls – aged ten and 11 – were in a play park in Livingston when the 25-year-old approached them.

Galaks – who had been drinking – also made unwanted advances to a 16-year-old girl at a nearby underpass earlier that evening.

He told the teenager: “The first time I see you – wow! You’re gorgeous.”

When she asked if he was drunk, he said: “No, I’m sober when I see you.”

When her friends arrived he asked them to leave so he could talk to the teenager alone.

He then stepped towards her, opened his arms and pouted his lips, giving her the impression that he wanted to kiss her.

The girl stepped back so he could not make contact and went home to tell her mother what he had done.

The mother later went to where Galaks was and demanded to know why he had try to kiss her daughter.

She called the police, and Galaks was detained shortly after 11pm.

When charged he replied: “I didn’t threaten anyone.”

Galaks, of Clement Rise in Livingston, earlier pleaded guilty to committing a breach of the peace by placing the girls in a state of fear and alarm by making threatening and sexual remarks.

The incidents happened in the Dedridge area of Livingston on August 2 last year.

Alan Jackson, defending, said his client was a first offender.

He claimed Galaks had recently moved because of “suggestions of repercussions”.

Passing sentence, Sheriff John Rafferty told the accused: “The conduct referred to in the charge to which you’ve pled guilty is serious conduct and may have had a considerable impact upon the young

He placed Galaks under supervision for three years with a requirement that he take part in group sessions for the rehabilitation of child sex offenders.

He also banned Galaks from contact with children under the age of 16 and told him his name would remain on the sex offenders register for three years.