Scammers pretend to collect for Edinburgh Sick Kids

The Sick Kids
The Sick Kids

scammers are targeting homes pretending to collect clothes and toys for sick and dying children.

The fraudsters have already managed to deceive dozens of families by claiming to be collecting for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation (SKFF).

Bearing the charity’s logo and fake email address, collection bags have been posted along with a specified collection date.

But it is believed the imposters have been selling the items to make profit for themselves.

SKFF officials sent out a public warning over social media revealing that the collection bags had nothing to do with them.

They said: “Over the last week or so we have received a number of phone calls from our supporters saying that they have received clothes collection bags in the post, requesting clothing donations to benefit The Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

“Unfortunately these collection bags are not sanctioned or endorsed by SKFF and have nothing to do with us as a charity.

“If you received one of these bags through the post, please call our office on 0131-668 4949 to report it.”