Sci fi fan guilty of murdering Edinburgh man with ‘fantasy sword’

Alex Forbes was murdered by Hynd at his home in Kirkcaldy.
Alex Forbes was murdered by Hynd at his home in Kirkcaldy.

A SCIENCE fiction fan who killed an Edinburgh man by repeatedly plunging a ‘vampire skull’ fantasy sword into him is facing life in prison for the brutal murder.

Adrian Hynd, 51, repeatedly stabbed Alexander Forbes, 25, with an 18 inch long blade in a frenzied attack at his home in Kirkcaldy, on January 2 2017.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how Mr Forbes suffered over 100 wounds during an attack in which he fought to save his own life.

Hynd turned on Mr Forbes, of Edinburgh, after the pair had spent the previous evening drinking in Kirkcaldy’s Windsor Bar.

They returned back to Hynd’s flat at the town’s Victoria Road.

The Star Trek fan stabbed his victim repeatedly and also seized his victim’s neck, and repeatedly punched him on the head. When police discovered Mr Forbes’s body, the weapon was still stuck in place. One experienced police officer described the scene as being the “worst” he had encountered in almost 30 years of service.

He said it was a “scene of utter carnage.”

On Friday, jurors convicted Hynd, who claimed he acted in self defence, of murder.

The verdict of the jurors unleashed a wall of noise from friends and family of Mr Forbes who had gathered in court.

Around 30 people were present and they screamed “yes” at the top of their voices. The noise was so loud that it drowned out the jury foreman from giving further details to the clerk of court about their findings.

Police ejected one spectator from court after he continued to scream abuse at Hynd.

Speaking after the verdict, defence advocate Mark Stewart QC said his client accepted that he would be imprisoned for life.

Judge Lord Ericht adjourned sentence to obtain reports about Hynd’s character.

The verdict came at the end of the second week of proceedings against Hynd.

He will be sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow on October 30 2017.