Scotland Street murder trial: Victim threatened with knife

Scotland Street where Ashley Hawkins died. Picture: Neil Hanna
Scotland Street where Ashley Hawkins died. Picture: Neil Hanna

A MAN who was allegedly murdered in a New Town flat told a woman how the accused held a knife to his throat “weeks” before he died.

Hayley Paul, 27, told a jury yesterday how Ashley Hawkins said that Kieran Davies, 29, held a blade to his body a short time before he died in December last year.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard Ms Paul say that she knew Mr Hawkins and spoke to him “a week or two weeks” before he was allegedly struck repeatedly on the head with a hammer.

Telling prosecution lawyer David Taylor about the discussion, Ms Paul said: “Ashley said there had been an incident. He said Kieran had put a knife to his throat.”

Ms Paul, of Edinburgh, was giving evidence on the second day of proceedings against Mr Davies who denies murdering Mr Hawkins at a flat in the Capital’s Scotland Street.

During proceedings, the court heard how Mr Hawkins and Mr Davies were cousins and “best friends”. The two men had come from Wales to live in Edinburgh.

The court also heard that Mr Hawkins and Mr Davies shared the property at Scotland Street which was owned by the Hemming family.

Ms Paul said: “Ashley was a drug user. He was somebody who used drugs heavily as opposed to Kieran who never looked like that.”

Earlier in proceedings, Ms Paul’s partner Gary Hemming told the court that Ashley stayed at the flat in Scotland Street which belonged to his family. Mr Hemming told the court that he also got to know the two men. He said that Mr Hawkins told him that his relationship with Mr Davies was deteriorating.

Mr Hemming told the court that Mr Davies had problems with his friend’s drug habit.

Ryan Hemming told the court that there was one occasion in which Mr Davies injured himself on a needle which had been left lying around by Mr Hawkins.

He told Mr Taylor: “I do remember him saying that he was going to end up killing him.”

Prosecutors claim that on November 30, 2016, at Flat 2F1, 7 Scotland Street Mr Davies assaulted Ashley Hawkins by holding a knife to his throat.

The Crown claims that on December 2, 2016, Mr Davies struggled with Ashley Hawkins before repeatedly striking him on the head and body with a hammer and a metal pole.

Mr Davies is also said to have stamped and kicked Mr Hawkins on the head and body during the incident.

The third charge alleges 
that Mr Davies attempted to defeat the ends of justice by removing his bloodstained clothing and using it to wipe blood from the walls. He is then said to have placed his clothing into a washing machine. This allegedly took place at the Scotland Street property in which Mr Hawkins lost his life.

Prosecutors claim that on December 3, 2016, Davies behaved in a threatening and abusive manner to police officers at St Leonard’s police station.

He is also accused of assaulting Detective Sergeant Michael Leask by attempting to punch the policeman on the head.

Davies has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The trial continues.