Serial shed raiders target 40 outhouses

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Serial shed raiders have targeted more than 40 garden outhouses in the last three months.

The backyard crime wave has swept Musselburgh since August, with electrical goods, gardening equipment and bicycles among the items stolen.

More than 20 vehicles have also been forced open, including four work vans with tools, clothing stock and food stolen.

A further four cars, three motorcycles and five bikes were also stolen in the town and officers are now urging the public to protect their properties and possessions against would-be thieves.

Inspector Andy Harborow said: “Officers continue to carry out local inquiries to identify those responsible for these recent offences and anyone who can assist with our investigations is asked to come forward.

“All sheds and outbuildings should be locked and secured when not in use and where possible, alarms and motion-triggered lighting should be considered. When leaving your vehicle unattended, do so in a well-lit area and ensure the vehicle is locked with all items of value removed.”