Shooting victim jailed for killing Edward Dooley

Edward Dooley killed with single punch.Picture: Comp
Edward Dooley killed with single punch.Picture: Comp
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A SHOOTING victim who was brought to justice five-and-a-half years after killing a stranger with a single punch was today jailed for 40 months.

James Hendry struck drunken former army veteran Edward Dooley when he caught him urinating in his ex-wife’s garden.

At the High Court in Glasgow judge Michael O’Grady QC told Hendry: “I accept you did not mean to kill him, but this was a needless and unprovoked attack on a drunk and therefore vulnerable man.

“Any sentence I impose on you will appear to be derisory to the family of Mr Dooley. An innocent life has been taken. But for your early plea of guilty I would have sentenced you to five years.”

Prosecutors initially thought there was insufficient evidence to charge Hendry over the October 2008 death. But they decided last year to prosecute him for culpable homicide.

Hendry, of Howden Hall Road, Edinburgh, admitted killing the 54-year-old dad of two near Ikea in Loanhead, Midlothian in 2008.

Prosecutor Alex Prentice QC said: “Edward was urinating in the bushes in front of the house when a taxi arrived with Jacob and James Hendry.”

He said the brothers had been drinking and one said in an angry voice that someone was “p***ing in the garden”. Hendry, 34, then struck Mr Dooley, who fell to the ground bleeding.