Shop robbery hero back at work days after raid

The  film shows the robber brandishing a gun
The film shows the robber brandishing a gun
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A HERO shopkeeper who fought off a gun-wielding robber has returned to work just days after the horror incident.

Mohammed Abdullah, 41, was working in Dalhousie Newsagents in Bonnyrigg when a masked man burst in just before 8am last Monday, November 4.

Shopkeeper Mohammed Abdullah back in the shop were he was robbed at gun point. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Shopkeeper Mohammed Abdullah back in the shop were he was robbed at gun point. Picture: Ian Georgeson

CCTV shows how the brave dad-of-one valiantly fought off the would-be crook despite being clouted on the head with the handgun and repeatedly headbutted in the face.

His attacker was eventually forced to flee the blood-spattered shop empty-handed.

Mr Abdullah, from Dalry Road, Edinburgh, is now back behind the counter of the shop.

And despite suffering nightmarish flashbacks, the retailer remains undaunted by the assault.

He said: “I’m having a lot of problems sleeping at night after it and the doctor has given me tablets for that but I’m determined to get back to work.”

Revealing the terrifying moment the gunman pointed the weapon in his face, he said: “I was on my own in the shop when he came in wearing a mask. All I could see were his eyes, I’ll never forget them.

“He told me to open the till and hand over the money or he would shoot me.

“I don’t know why but I made a grab for the gun and began wrestling with him for it over the counter. It was then that he began headbutting me.”

Not content with foiling the robber’s plan to rob the shop Mr Abdullah, who had by now alerted police using a panic button, raced around the counter to stop his getaway too. 
He said: “I grabbed him around the waist, he seemed quite skinny and a young guy, he then began hitting me on the head with the handle of the gun.

“Eventually he broke free and ran out the door. I was left covered in cuts and bruises and there was blood all over the shop.”

Mr Abdullah – who has only worked in the shop for a couple of months – was taken to the ERI, where he was treated for shock and head wounds.

Despite his efforts, he does not feel what he did to be heroic. He added: “I was just doing my job. I never even thought about it.”

Kashif Ali, 35, who owns the newsagent in Dalhousie Place, said of his employee: “He is a hero.”

Police Scotland confirmed that as yet there have been no arrests and enquiries are still ongoing.

Anyone with information can contact Police Scotland on 101.