Shopkeeper threatened with a meat cleaver ‘thought he was going to die’

Jacob Hunter who was threatened with a cleaver at the Angle Park Terrace shop. Picture: Jon Savage
Jacob Hunter who was threatened with a cleaver at the Angle Park Terrace shop. Picture: Jon Savage
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A SHOPKEEPER feared for his life when a cleaver-wielding raider burst into the store during a terrifying robbery.

Jacob Huber, 25, was working alone and talking to a customer in the Angle Park Convenience Store on Monday night when the masked thief entered and demanded cash from the till.

The violent crook wielded a seven-inch cleaver and forced Jacob to open the till, as the female customer dived to the floor for cover after the robber threatened to kill her.

He then made off towards Fountainbridge with £600 stuffed into his laptop bag.

Jacob, who bravely returned to work as early as yesterday, thought he was going to die as the raider waved the cleaver, which he described as “huge”.

“I thought that was it, I thought my life was going to end there and then,” he said.

“He kept asking for money and said if I was lying where the money was he’d kill me.”

Canadian Jacob, who has worked in the shop for seven years, was forced to put the cash into the raider’s bag.

He said: “When he came in at first I thought it was a joke. He burst in with what looked like a shirt with holes in it covering his face, and shouted ‘everyone on the floor’.

“He told the customer if she didn’t lie down he’d ‘end her’.

“He then brought out this huge cleaver knife and it was then I knew it was real.

“He made me put the money in his bag while he held the knife out.”

The suspect is described as white and around 30 years old, with a medium build, blue eyes and a light strawberry-blond beard. He was wearing a navy blue hooded top with distinctive yellow gloves during the robbery.

Gorgie councillor Denis Dixon said the incident was “very concerning” for the local community, and that he would be communicating with police over the next few days.

Detective Sergeant Robbie Wallace said: “Neither the staff member, nor the customer were injured during this robbery, but both were left extremely shaken.

“We are eager to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time and remembers seeing anything suspicious.

“We have a very detailed description of the suspect and I would ask that anyone who believes they may have saw this male, or who knows where we can locate him, to contact police immediately.”